First published in the Idaho Stateman. Three years after two sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a Council rancher, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family has been settled for $2.6 million. Adams County sheriff’s deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland shot and killed Jack Yantis on Nov. 1, 2015, whileContinue Reading

According to a recent Op/Ed piece in the esteemed Capital Press, the Hammond Family case involving the father and son ranchers in Central Oregon reveals unfairness and injustice on several levels. By any measure, the five-year sentence given to Eastern Oregon rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steven was excessiveContinue Reading

 Is the Former U.S. Attorney for Oregon at The Heart of The Hammond Family Problem? — from The Last Refuge   We tried to share the whole Hammond Story, but apparently there’s even more. At this point, the media are focused on the “Bundy Militia” angle to the standoff in BurnsContinue Reading

It’s going to happen. Unfortunately, LaVoy won’t be there, but one year later, the previously intended meeting is going to happen. Background:  According to an upcoming article in Range magazine,  on January 26, 2016, while traveling  with others from the lawful occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in HarneyContinue Reading

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…from The Last Refuge   The short summary is:  in an effort to draw attention to a ridiculous arrest of a father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers (“DwightContinue Reading

  RANGE magazine has been raising a fuss and a ruckus in favor of ranchers for over 25 years.  Part of RANGE’s mission is to Address Issues Facing the West, and tell the otherwise untold stories of The Cowboy Spirit on America’s Outback.   For fresh, bold, new information, RANGE magazineContinue Reading

After a lengthy nine month investigation, as reported in the Idaho Stateman, Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has announced that state and federal prosecutors have declined to prosecute Adams County deputies, Brian Wolf and Cody Rolland, who shot and killed Council Idaho, Rancher Jack Yantis, firing a total of 20Continue Reading