By Greg Henderson for Drovers Idaho sheep ranchers are asking the general public, “Leave our dogs alone.” Several working dogs have been “rescued” by well-meaning hikers or campers in Idaho, recently, who believe the dogs to be lost or abandoned. Enough of the incidents have occurred that southern Idaho officialsContinue Reading

The 2020 sheep shearing season turned out to be quite an adventure – more for some than others. Background Although I come from a sheep ranching family, and have been quite active in the sheep industry myself for the past 10 years or so, it wasn’t until just the pastContinue Reading

  Reposted from High Plains Journal Why do people outside of the farming community continue to lie about our industry? They romanticize and talk about loving the small family farmer, yet with every action they work at putting farmers out of business. Gov. Jerry Brown and the entire California AssemblyContinue Reading

Derbeyshire Live Gareth Butterfield Why vegans should be careful what they wish for We started this year finding ourselves in “Veganuary”, which encouraged us all to go meat-free for a month. That was answered by the pro-farming “Februdairy” and, I’ve just heard we’re now supposed to be in “Meat-free March”.Continue Reading

First published as an Op/Ed in the New York Times Amid a five-year farm recession, continuing woes for small dairy farmers and a trade war with China, a lot is riding on this year’s Farm Bill. But the version Congress approved this week and that President Trump is expected to sign could make a bad situation worse. TheContinue Reading

Dan Murphy Originally published on Drovers The opinions in this commentary are those of Dan Murphy, a veteran journalist and commentator. The Heartbreak of Vegetarianism Although it paints something of a grim picture of the vegetarian community, a new study on the psychological impact of giving up animal foods isn’tContinue Reading

First published in Range Magazine.  What are the biggest keys to success?  In Stanton Gleave’s case, stubbornness and bullheadedness, sometimes referred to as patience, persistence and perseverance. Stanton Gleave presides over a sprawling family sheep and cattle ranching operation headquartered in remote Piute County, Utah – which some have suggestedContinue Reading

Applying Lessons from the California Gold Rush to the Tech Rush of the 21st Century In Millard County, with IPP’s plans to shut-down the current coal-fired power plant in 2027, and possible replacement with a natural gas-fired power plant (which still needs to be permitted by the EPA, etc), thatContinue Reading

(First published in February 2017 — The saga/struggle continues.  SEE Due Process & Equal Protection in Millard County — a Case Study) Among other things, basic property rights are a growing point of conflict in the world we live in.  There seems to be a growing number of people whoseContinue Reading