Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published in 2016.  We are re-publishing it now, along with another, in memory of Dr. Angus McIntosh. Somehow I lucked into being able to tagging along with Dr. Angus McIntosh on his four stop Western Rangelands Property Rights  workshop tour through three countiesContinue Reading

From the Bureau of Land Management press release Secretary of the Interior transfers jurisdiction of 65.74 acres of federal land to the Department of the Army in Arizona and New Mexico Transfers will facilitate infrastructure construction, engineering of road network for border wall. WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Land ManagementContinue Reading

Introduction by Editor On June 8, a large group of livestock affiliates including the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Public Lands Council and American Sheep Industry Association, presented a letter to U.S. Senate leaders warning of the consequences to private land owners, ranchers and farmers of provisions in the Great AmericanContinue Reading

by Tom DeWeese, RANGE magazine contributor and president of The American Policy Center ‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ THE EVIL FACING AMERICA On July 23, 2004, I addressed the fifth annual Freedom 21 Conference in Reno, Nevada. Freedom 21 was the first coalition of limited government/private property advocacy groups. Freedom 21 eventually sponsoredContinue Reading

Amy Joi O’Donoghue for the Deseret News Interior approves final management plans for Bears Ears, Grand Staircase SALT LAKE CITY — The U.S. Department of Interior approved final management plans for the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante areas on Thursday, a move critics say will open former monument lands toContinue Reading

By Protect the Harvest STORM ON THE PRAIRIE: AMERICAN PRAIRIE RESERVE TRIES TO ‘BUFFALO’ RURAL MONTANA American Prairie Reserve Threatens Ranching in The West Seeks To Create Largest Natural Reserve in United States The American Prairie Reserve began in 2001 as the Prairie Foundation, created by the World Wildlife FundContinue Reading

Dan Murphy: In Praise of The Range by Dan Murphy Drovers The one aspect of our global ecosystem that’s consistently, ignored, abused and neglected is the Earth’s rangelands. For the sake of animal agriculture — and the health of the planet — that needs to change. Here’s a fun littleContinue Reading

Ranchers are ‘true heroes’ of grasslands, conservation leader says As published by AgWeek By Jenny Schlecht STREETER, N.D. — Cattle and conservation haven’t always been natural companions when it comes to how to manage grasslands. Many conservation programs have sought to keep cattle off the land, the thought being that cattleContinue Reading

How a trick of our tongue is encouraging us (and some very wealthy others) to destroy our ecosystem By Sierra D. Stoneberg Holt, Ph.D. As originally posted in the RANGE magazine Spring 2017 issue Living across the fence from the American Prairie Reserve (APR), I’m often asked what I thinkContinue Reading