Opinion: Muddying the Clean Water Act If you Don’t Get the Answer You Want, Go Ask Your Father By:  Conner Nicklas Budd-Falen Law Offices LLC Remember when you were a kid and you would calculate whether to ask your mother or your father depending on the answer you wanted?  ThatContinue Reading

  Opinion Editorial- Is Your Local Government a Champion for its Citizens? By: Karen Budd Falen Press Release: Budd Falen Law Office, LLC One of the greatest dangers to our rural way of life is allowing people on the coasts (people who often have never visited, much less lived in,Continue Reading

Cattle in Nevada

COMMENTARY: Tracy Stone-Manning would be bad for Nevada By Dan Newhouse and Crescent Hardy for Las Vegas Review Journal Nevada’s senators will soon face a critical vote on the confirmation of Tracy Stone-Manning as director of the Bureau of Land Management. Many may be asking: Who is Tracy Stone-Manning, and whyContinue Reading

Biden’s “30 By 30 Plan” – a Slap at American Private Property Rights Opinion by Karen Budd-Falen All of rural America and anyone who believes that local control of resources and that the American farmer and rancher is the backbone of this country should be alarmed at the notion thatContinue Reading

REPOSTED WITH PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR Ed Bandel District 8 Director, Montana Farm Bureau Federation  Proposed heritage area poses threat to private land ownership  First of all, I would like to thank President McPherson for the opportunity to take over his column this issue. He has seen the importance ofContinue Reading

By Selwyn Duke for American Thinker The Fight That Lies Between Status Quo and Secession By Selwyn Duke With a stolen election, stolen culture, stolen courts and stolen dreams, many Americans are realizing that rule by the Left, absolutely corrupt even without absolute power, is unthinkable. Talk of secession, something continuallyContinue Reading

This article by the late Dr. Michael S. Coffman was originally published in the Summer 2015 edition of RANGE magazine. Everyone at RANGE magazine, and our readers, sorely miss Dr. Coffman and his timeless insights and scientific reports. We hope you will enjoy this fascinating and enlightening article. ~Ed MagnaContinue Reading

As published by P.J. Media BY DR. JAY LEHR AND TOM HARRIS  In Genesis 1:6-7 of the New Living Translation of the Bible, God “separated the waters of the heavens from the waters of the Earth.” In the New King James Version of the Bible, God parted the water of theContinue Reading

The Gremlins of Silicon Valley As published in the RANGE magazine, Summer 2020 issue By Marjorie Haun RANGE magazine is old-school. We use traditional avenues to reach our readers and loyal fans, but we’re also new-school with a reasonably visible social media (SM) presence. Our Facebook and Instagram pages in-particularContinue Reading

The Great Bung Fodder Scare of 2020 First published in the Times Independent 3/13/2020 By Marjorie Haun What do America and Venezuela have in common? EMPTY SHELVES IN THE SUPERMERCADO! No, City Market and Dollar General are not suffering under the ignominious shortages inherent to socialism, but a creeping massContinue Reading