WOLF NECROPSY Introduction by Editor This compelling video begins with the necropsy of a cow killed by wolves. Filled with facts about the impact of swelling wolf populations in Mountain West states, this video is both alarming, and an excellent resource for educating those who have been misled to believeContinue Reading

Newspeak ˈn(y)o͞oˌspēk  NOUN ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda. What, no “Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up?” The deceptively-named Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) is composed not of ranchers and farmers but of politically-connected millionaire and billionaire environmental activists. As RANGE magazine’s intrepid reporter, Dave Skinner, explained in his WinterContinue Reading

From an August 20, 2020 email To all Rural Americans from POINT BARROW, Alaska to CAPE SABLE, Florida & from EASTPORT, Maine to THE LOWER OTAY RESERVOIR, California This is AN Emergency Alert about your future and the future of your children and their children’s children. There are less thanContinue Reading

In western Colorado, wary ranchers eye wolves’ arrival and fear urban voters will introduce moreBallot measure to widen wolves’ comeback could threaten partnership between conservation community and agriculture By Bruce Finley | bfinley@denverpost.com | The Denver Post COLD SPRINGS MOUNTAIN  A lone black heifer wailed, wandering into white mist as night fellContinue Reading

wolf pack eats kill

The Destruction of Nature: As published in the RANGE magazine Spring 2019 edition One man boldly makes the case that misguided introduction programs are dooming North America’s wolves By Marjorie Haun In 1983, countless moviegoers flocked to see one of the greatest fantasies of the decade, “Never Cry Wolf.” TheContinue Reading

wolf pack eats kill

Video Posted by Life on the Range on YouTube.com Part 4 of the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission wolf series focuses on the unforeseen impacts caused by wolves in Idaho. The Life on the Range video crew learned about unexpected things like cows attacking herding dogs after being spooked by wolves,Continue Reading

Wolves hurt livestock and local communities in the United States and France. By Michel Meuret, Pierre-Louis Osty and Fred Provenza, Ph.D.s and rangeland scientists. Grey wolves were reintroduced in the northern Rocky Mountains (NRM) in the mid-1990s, at about the same time wolves discretely came on their own to France,Continue Reading

This is a significant impact, but ranchers who have been dealing with wolves have reported additional costs and losses when wolves are present. These costs include weight loss, lower pregnancy rates, reduced gain for calves, more sickness, and an increase in management costs. Oregon studies confirm, wolves have long-lasting negativeContinue Reading

Rural America Live joins wildlife and ranching experts with Big Game Forever for an important program about the consequences, costs, and dangers of misguided efforts to introduce wolves into settled landscapes throughout the West and beyond. Please take the time to watch this enlightening and troubling presentation. See more atContinue Reading