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Wyoming man torches GOP “insiders” for giving a pass to radical, racist indoctrination

Just Say “NO” to Critical Race Theory!

by contributor John Hoak

My friend of the Republican Women of Sheridan County forwarded Dr. James Hobson’s Weekly Policy Update with a call to write my Senators & Representative to oppose another Democrat initiative.  From the Policy Update:

…Congressional Democrats are doubling down on their efforts to use the education system to indoctrinate children into a Leftist worldview. The latest attempt to usher in their radical ideologies is the revised version of the Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA), which purports to allocate money for civics education.  However, in reality, it is a thinly-veiled attempt to convert civics into CRT (Critical Race Theory) education.”

My response to my friend:


As I have said before, Critical Race Theory is an adjunct of Critical Theory, a malignant, convoluted Marxist construct which holds, in part, that we cannot understand, explain or confirm phenomena or natural cause/effect relationships by observation or scientific method.  In other words, Critical Theory rejects science & empiricism in favor of normative perception & inquiry.  Thus, we see the Left’s rejection of obvious truths; for example:  the rejection of the biological reality of human gender in their policies which permit & celebrate biological men competing in women’s athletics against biological women, or in a Leftist woman Supreme Court nominee refusing to acknowledge or define the term “woman.”  Critical Race Theory holds, in large part – quite contrary to observable reality – that racism is entirely an artifact of ethnicity; i.e., if one is white, one is de facto racist.  If fact cannot be determined by observation and scientific investigation, as the Left asserts. Leftists are then free to construct fact & reality.  This is their interim goal – the creation & propagation of their own self-serving reality – a vital step to their controlling the minds of others to serve their cardinal goal – the accrual of unopposed power.  Their reconstruction of reality & truth and their “re-imagining’s” serve purposefully to confuse, divide & disrupt and ultimately to destroy fundamental social, economic & political institutions by rendering society dependent on them alone to define fact & truth (and morality, by the way).  This disruption, deception & delusion, and their self-appointed role as sole truth-givers, are the source of their power – if they can make us believe the unbelievable & ridiculous, they can make us believe or do anything they want.  We have seen this powerful Leftist tactic very successfully applied on a nationwide & worldwide scale in the recent CCP virus panic-demic, during which elitist Leftist local, state & federal power-brokers & allies fabricated & falsified information, suppressed & censored dissenting views, used their disinformation to divide & panic society, then seized upon the resultant fear & confusion to summarily eliminate our most basic rights & freedoms – including the freedom to breathe without impediment!  Frighteningly, it worked spectacularly; the majority of people meekly accepted a dramatic, highly-intrusive & very painful loss of freedom and did what they were told to do or not do.  In this context, the longtime sports commentator turned social & political commentator, Jason Whitlock, recently quoted Voltaire appropriately:  “Those who can make you believe absurdities will make you commit atrocities.”   His quote is not precisely correct, but the point is valid.  (Jason Whitlock on Supreme Court nominee refusing to define ‘woman’: The left is trying to ‘dismantle truth’ – – Breaking News Updates)

My point is that Critical Race Theory is another self-contrived tool of the American Left, spawned & applied within the framework of Critical Theory – traceable directly to Marxist doctrine & practice – the purpose of which is to destroy American & Western culture, values, order & polity, enabling the Left to seize totalitarian power.  Whitlock knows this; Hobson knows this; Gingrich knows this; Levin knows this; Larry Arn knows this; Cruz & Hawley know this; DeSantis knows this; Trump knows this; Churchill knew this; Bo Biteman (Wyoming state senator) knows this; my wife & friends know this; all commonsense observers, rational thinkers, genuine historians & political scientists know this.  Does Senator Barrasso know this or care?  Seems he does not, as he, like most Republicans, does nothing much to oppose the insidious spread of Leftist/Marxist influence.  Liz Cheney cares about nothing but herself.  Senator Lummis is little-tested in her new role, but she seems, thus far, at least a defender of traditional American culture & values.

No knowledgeable American or lover of freedom could support Critical Race Theory in any guise, nor any of the many other manifestations of Critical Theory, any more than we would recognize & applaud derivatives such as Black Lives Matter, Wokeism, Cancel Culture, Greenism, or agree that Antifa is anti-fascist and their violent riots were “peaceful protests.”

I will write to Barrasso, Lummis & Cheney to urge that they oppose the Civics Secures Democracy Act, but it is a raging irritation to me that there is no uniform recognition among GOP politicians that the Democrat Party has now become a blatant, aggressive, unscrupulous, unapologetic purveyor & practitioner of Marxist doctrine, and that they (Dems/Leftists) and their allies are the very dangerous & destructive Enemy Within.  There is no consensus, will, plan or courage among Republicans to reject, resist & overcome this enemy.

Barrasso is a card-carrying member of The D.C. Insiders Club.  I’ve come to see him as hardly different than Liz Cheney, perhaps worse.  He’s a smiling, camera-seeking, slick-talking coward & fraud.  He never missed an opportunity to be seen with Trump when Trump was at his zenith, but did nothing material to support Trump or help him overcome hateful Leftist & RINO opposition and fully effect the “America first!” agenda.  Barrasso ran for cover when the Left corrupted our presidential election.  (We can legitimately debate whether or not Biden actually won the election – I am convinced he did not – but proof abounds that Democrats broke numerous election laws in numerous states & local jurisdictions, and that their powerful allies, Big Tech & Big Media, illegally and unethically manipulated the election.  More proof of all of this continues to emerge almost daily.)  Barrasso has done nothing to reject the false narrative & bases for the January 6th inquiry, nor to bring balance, light or justice to the events of that night of protest.  He recently voted for the omnibus mega-spending bill, which, aside from the gross irresponsibility of such obscene additional federal spending, was largely crafted by the Democrat majority to reward Democrat loyalists and advance the Left’s agenda.  (See:  List of Republicans Who Passed Democrat-Led ‘Omnibus’ Bill H.R. 2471 | American Faith; and U.S. Senate: U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 117th Congress – 2nd Session)  Barrasso is a go-along-to-get-along, big-government Mitch McConnell apostle & political opportunist whose top priority is protecting his own comfortable position in the D.C. high life, while posturing as a “true conservative.”  (Reports of his net worth vary, but it seems clear he is quite comfortable:  John Barrasso Net Worth And Income Sources 2022 (; John Barrasso Net Worth • Net Worth List; John A Barrasso- Net Worth – Personal Finances • OpenSecrets.  How does a non-practicing physician, or any physician, and long-time public servant amass such wealth?)

I am long since thoroughly disgusted & disillusioned with Dr. Barrasso, the GOP and all D.C. insiders.


John Hoak

Big Horn, Wyoming

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