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BLM Law Enforcement 1

The Legislative Push to De-Militarize the BLM & Forest Service and Remove Their Law Enforcement Authority

  According to this Article in St. George News, If Congressman Chris Stewart has his way the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management could someday lose their law…

Dabakis Right

The Dabakis Debacle — Bears Ears Debate Heats Up — Social Media and the New War on the West

Note: Much has already been written and said about the tactics, inclduing efforts to transport “outsiders” into San Juan County to stack the deck in the recent public hearings regarding the…

Herefords Grazing wide 2

Western Ranching is Good for the Environment — Realities Nobody Wants to Talk About — Starting with Reality No. 7

Note:  This is the final part of a multi-part series about Seven Realities in the West that the Federal Government and the Mainstream Media don’t seem to want to acknowledge…

Sheep Grazing Right 1

Formation of National Grazing Allotment Owners Association

Announcing the first ever, national organization for range or grazing AllotmentOwners that is wholly run by Allotment Owners. The first ever national organization for range or grazing Allotment Owners that…


3R — Range & Resource Rights Symposium — Layton Utah

On May 20-21, 2016, Protect the Harvest and the National Federal Lands Conference sponsored a Range & Resource Rights Symposiion in Layton, Utah, emceed by Trent Loos of Loos Tails…

RS Militia 1

OTHER SIDE: According to Raw Story: “Utah Ranchers Vow to Continue Bundy War”?

According to Raw Story, “Utah ranchers vow to continue Bundy war against feds despite arrests of Oregon militants.” — THE PROBLEM IS, THAT’S NOT WHAT THE RANCHERS SAID OR DID ….

Bert Kathy 1

Remembering Bert Smith — by Todd Macfarlane

Our good friend Bert Smith passed away unexpectedly on March 31, 2016.  Unlike my old family friend Jack Walther (who was a good friend and co-hort of Bert’s, and died…

Old Bucking Horse 1

Applying a Little Horse Sense to the Situation in Oregon and Throughout the West — Ruminations — by Mancos MacLeod

There was a time in the West when horses were absolutely essential .  The same was true throughout this country, even in the cities.  Horses were the backbone – the…


Southeast Oregon Range Rights Workshop Tour — Riding the Range — by Redtail Rose

  Somehow I lucked into being able to tag along with Dr. Angus McIntosh and Todd Macfarlane on their four stop Western Rangelands Property Rights  workshop tour through three counties…

Hage Couple BW 1

Ninth Circuit Reverses Hage Case

According to the Capital Press, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a ruling that held the government conspired against rancher Wayne Hage, who was an icon of the…