The Bundy Ranch Story — a Video Series — as told by Ammon Bundy


The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 1 — a Government Gone Rogue


The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 2 — Liberty’s Sacrifice


The Bundy Story — Part 3 — United?


MORE TO COME — will post as available

For a Nutshell Wrap-up of the Oregon Standoff Trial CLICK HERE

RANGE / RANGEFIRE! — Addressing Issues Facing the West / Spreading America’s Cowboy Spirit Beyond the Outback


10 thoughts on “The Bundy Ranch Story — a Video Series — as told by Ammon Bundy

  1. I am ashamed to say I did not follow this story. I have been immersed in the sovereignty struggle for Hawaii and doing what little I can to help fend off the push from the federal government to ʻFederally Recognizeʻ Hawaiians which they are rightly opposed to. Also trying to do whatever possible to help Palestinians against the assault by Israel.

    I am reading a book called TYRANNY by William Johnstone and saw the similarity to what little I knew of the Bundy familyʻs standoff. So I googled the story. The 1st one was a blatant media smear (just like in the book) so I was forewarned and looked more until I found these videos.

    This isnʻt over for sure and those men need to be released. I believe Trump is the better choice now to put his money where his mouth is, for America and turn this injustice around. Rescind all charges and reinstate these families with restitution and reparation. Hopefully to set a new precedent that this cannot be tolerated.

    Very educational video of the truth. Well done.

  2. Ammon Bundy is a graduate of Hillsdale College, which has never accepted Federal money and turns out Constitutional scholars like Ammon who are knowledgeable, patriotic and well-spoken. This videio is quite an endorsement for Hillsdale College’s curriculum for sure! Very well done. Now let’s get these Patriots out of prison!

  3. We are behind you, and we pray for you all. May God spread His tremendous grace bountifully among you. May He bless you with His peace and comfort! Thank you for your tremendous sacrifice for all of us! God bless!!!!!

  4. Lets Not stop in our fight for justice. Write to your Congressmen. Phone the White House Now….not just the New President enters the WH. Contact me at If you want to come on Revolution Radio to speak your mind, Offer Suggestions…and Ideas. Please keep up the Momentum. Right now…Many families are without their Fathers and Husbands and Grandfathers. The Feds don’t care. They are trying to shut down Due Process and Freedom of Speech and the Right to Redress our Government. Remember Sugar Pine and Eastern Oregon. Remember 1776 and 1812,

  5. Dear President Elect Trump; and Federal Judges and other Elected and Appointed Representatives – I and my husband served in the combined Armed forces for decades. Prior to retirement we still believed that “We The People,” had Constitutional rights and “Due Process” and Principles and American values, we were defending. We came to see that Absolute Power, corrupts absolutely. That Money and power and Greed are what is running Washington DC; and elsewhere. When people like the Hammond’s and Bundy’s are charged falsely, and Due Process is Violated by those who are suppose to work for us……When Vocal people like LeVoy are murdered, and others were suppose to die with him….and others are Suicide d. We realize that our country is in real trouble in more ways ……Please do not forget those who have died for the freedoms that Levoy and the Bundy’s and Hammond’s have been standing for.

  6. This injustice needs to be fixed…..the government is to serve the people…not the other way around, we are not a dictatorship. The US Constitution had been violated, The Hammonds have had their Constitutional rights violated and they have been imprisoned for 5 years. The Bundys have been charged with false charges and arrested then denied bail and a speedy trial in violation of their Constitutional rights.The new administration needs to addess this.

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