Newspeak ˈn(y)o͞oˌspēk  NOUN ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda. What, no “Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up?” The deceptively-named Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) is composed not of ranchers and farmers but of politically-connected millionaire and billionaire environmental activists. As RANGE magazine’s intrepid reporter, Dave Skinner, explained in his WinterContinue Reading

EXTREME ENVIRONMENTALISTS’ DREAM OF “REWILDING” THREATENS RURAL AMERICA Protect the Harvest Rewilding Devastates Rural America & Food Production Protect The Harvest supports meaningful and balanced conservation along with the right to hunt; rewilding, however, is something much different. It is painted in the rosy colors of enhanced conservation to disguiseContinue Reading

by Staff Mountain States Legal Foundation The Grizzly Wars: Environmentalists at War with Science and Ranchers Over Bear Management Wyoming ranch hand Marcelo Tejeda was tending sheep in Wyoming’s Upper Green River Valley. He was settling down for the night when suddenly the still, quiet air of the Wyoming wildContinue Reading

“Ranches hold the west together.” SAVING THE LAST CATTLE DRIVE The Green River Drift cattle drive has a history that goes back more than a hundred years. This important seasonal movement of cattle is now threatened by the artificial introduction of grizzly bears into the rangelands and forests where theContinue Reading

Old Man of the Ski–The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act: What You Need to Know! The 2019 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act  (WCCA) is perhaps the most significant attack on private property rights in decades, perhaps ever.  A simple look at the list of sponsors of the proposed legislation provides plenty of warningContinue Reading

Originally published by Predators Eat Away Montana Livestock Loss Board Budget As another year draws to a close, the Montana Livestock Loss Board said Montana ranchers once again faced economic losses due to livestock predation. George Edwards is the executive director of the Montana Livestock Loss Board, which providesContinue Reading