Ranchers use best practices to make Sierra Nevada grazing sustainable

“Grazing has been around for a long time, way before cattle were here, and it’s a natural function of keeping a sustainable forest…”

Cattle in the Sierra

It’s well known that ranchers are some of the best environmental scientists around. They may not have a BS or a MS degree from a university (although many do), but in order to properly raise cattle they must employ the best practices when it comes to soil, hydrology, botany, biology, and agriculture. Ranchers are scientists by practice, and the development of correct beef-raising practices is any given region requires a specific knowledge of the climate, topography and wildlife of their chosen grazing lands. The grazing permitees mentioned in this documentary have been running cattle for years, and in some instances, for generations, while taking care of the range and ensuring that forage, water sources and other resources will be healthy and productive for the years to come.

Now, ranchers are being pushed by commercial tourism and radical environmentalist interests which find the cows offensive or inconvenient to those who believe forest lands should only be used for recreation or “protectionism.” In this documentary, posted by Calaveras Community TV, you will see how ranchers in California’s Sierra Nevada range are employing best practices to defend high-country grazing against politically-driven pseudo scientists who want to purge ranchers from all federally-managed lands.

This video presents both sides of the argument in a balanced and objective way.

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3 thoughts on “Ranchers use best practices to make Sierra Nevada grazing sustainable

  1. It is about management. Simply reducing numbers will not be sufficient. Grazing is a function of time. The animals need to move frequently to avoid over grazing and over trampling. Keeping people with the animals and managing the time and timing of grazing costs money. How can we make it economically viable for ranchers to do a better job when the market place just does not support this? Grazing animals are a valuable tool that can be used to heal and enhance the health of the land. More resources need to be put towards monitoring and managing grazing. There is a need for creativity, understanding and education on all sides of these issues.

  2. Maybe at some point, the use of “the Sparrow in a Black Cape ” by the USA will no longer be the norm of supposed federal land management.

    The govt might just tell the courts to screw off and use the land for logging and grazing etc etc..

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