By Edward Ring Originally published by American Greatness in September, 2020 Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forests The catastrophic fires that have immolated millions of acres of forests in the Golden State were preventable, and for decades, everyone knew what had to be done. Millions of acres of California forest have beenContinue Reading

Op-Ed by RANGE magazine writer, Hank Vogler                                                              Fumes From The Farm              Mark Twain said, ”The news of my death was greatly exaggerated”. The news that Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is giving up likewise appears to be greatly exaggerated, or at the very least an oxymoron. WhyContinue Reading

Ranchers are ‘true heroes’ of grasslands, conservation leader says As published by AgWeek By Jenny Schlecht STREETER, N.D. — Cattle and conservation haven’t always been natural companions when it comes to how to manage grasslands. Many conservation programs have sought to keep cattle off the land, the thought being that cattleContinue Reading

Go Fund Moo by Dan Dagget Originally published in RANGE magazine Summer 2019 edition Nature has been sending us messages for a long time trying to tell us that abandoning our evolved eco-role as herders and harvesters of herd animals such as bison and cows is not good for NatureContinue Reading

  Reposted from High Plains Journal Why do people outside of the farming community continue to lie about our industry? They romanticize and talk about loving the small family farmer, yet with every action they work at putting farmers out of business. Gov. Jerry Brown and the entire California AssemblyContinue Reading

“Grazing has been around for a long time, way before cattle were here, and it’s a natural function of keeping a sustainable forest…” Cattle in the Sierra It’s well known that ranchers are some of the best environmental scientists around. They may not have a BS or a MS degreeContinue Reading

  According to Drovers Journal, and other media outlets, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has restored grazing permits for the Hammond family from Oregon after losing the right to graze following federal charges that were later pardoned.  Almost six months after receiving a Presidential Pardon, one of outgoing InteriorContinue Reading

  First published in Range magazine, Summer 2018 issue.   SEE Also The Laws of Prior Appropriation & Beneficial Use — Realities that Nobody Wants to Talk About.   Divisions and factions in the western ranching industry are nothing new. According to some historical accounts, farmers and ranchers have never been friends,Continue Reading

  PLC and Legal Community Comment on the Range Allotment Owners Association [Please refer to the added,  numbered and underlined phrases addressed in the comments listed below] WASHINGTON (Feb. 20, 2017) — Ethan Lane, executive director of the Public Lands Council, today released the following statement and open letter regardingContinue Reading

In addition to dispelling popular misconceptions we’re offering a nutshell overview of legal tools for western ranchers with federal grazing allotments.   DISPELLING COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS REGARDING “GRAZING FEES” UNDERSTANDING PRIOR APPROPRIATION & BENEFICIAL USE For More Discussion of Prior Appropriation & Beneficial Use. Click HERE  UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF SEEKINGContinue Reading