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My name is Vince Edwards. I’m the project coordinator of #PatriotCamp, and I’m currently covering a similar land-grabbing situation in Costilla County Colorado, which happens to involve the 20 acres that “camp 17” rests upon. Long story short much life and liberty has been spent so far dealing with this issue.

I am working on a documentary about Lavoy Finicum (and others) for the purpose of encouraging others to stand up and defend our constitution, hopefully before I become at best a martyr and at worst of course, forgotten. My dlive.tv/vinceableworld channel is going to be covering the most forward thinking strategies to restoring constitutional liberties, as well as showcasing those who have paid their liberty (many still in prison) or paid the ultimate price. I’ve cried enough times about what happened to Lavoy at the hands of the FBI to be qualified to cover this topic.

I know of the WILDFIRE that would have started had Lavoy spoke at that meeting in John Day, which is why he HAD to be stopped by these nameless, faceless men who enjoy having absolute power. A sheriff in an adjoining county had established – according to the OREGON STATE POLICE: “a UN free zone” in other words he simply had declared that the constitution of this country was going to be followed.

I’m sure most readers are unaware that the bulk of why Lavoy had to be MURDERED was because his presence at the meeting would have been very bad for the future of the United Nations and “Sustainable Development” AKA Agenda 21 in this country.

I am hoping through education and understanding of the causes of our issues (ignorance of the constitution #1) #WeThePeople will realize it is UP TO US to restore the constitution by DEFENDING it, my strategy: Hundreds of “Patriot Camps” nationwide – 30 patriots per camp – 20 to jump on a bus with clipboards and cameras in order to protect someone’s right to DUE PROCESS BEFORE an IRREVERSIBLE constitutional violation takes place not to mention millions spent on prosecution of bogus cases. Bold solution. Big job. I think we can do it… will it work? Will a sledgehammer work on a thumb tack? I don’t want to take any chances.

I have 1300+ subscribers currently on youtube (vinceableworld) however the response is so lethargic now due to the conservative crackdown I rarely ever use it anymore.

God Bless the Patriots

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor re: Patriot Camp

  1. Be Carefull.
    The USA govt folks have an extensive record of simply Murdering any citizens that visibly disagree with supposed Federal Policy.

    Sooo….Subserviate the govt….but do so Discreetly.

  2. so what, we all just quit our jobs and and attend camp?
    what about ones life an family an obligation ?
    It seems u know not what u ask.
    Leadership requires a bit more insight

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