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Hammonds 1

Let President & Mrs. Trump Hear from YOU about the Hammonds

  Trent Loos and others are leading the charge in writing to President & Mrs. Trump about Dwight & Steven Hammond.  We share their letters and invite you to write…

Trump vs. Us 1

Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump re: Agriculture — by Trent Loos

  Mr. Trump, please let me begin by saying how excited those of us are who proudly call Rural America home. We want to say Thank You. You stood tall…


Remembering Hammonds One Year Later — Hammond Benefit Event This Weekend

Some Important Reminders about the Hammonds, including  Trent Loos’ interview with Ammon Bundy from one year ago on Loos Tales and an interesting interview with Susie Hammond about her family’s changing…


Realities from the NoDAPL Protest in North Dakota — from Rural Route Radio — with Trent Loos

Marine Corps Veteran David Schutz went to the Standing Rock Protest from Massachusetts to see for himself what was going on. After being robbed and assaulted he is warning all…


Smoke Signals and Distortions from Standing Rock North Dakota — by Trent Loos

  On Halloween of 1998, we moved from Missouri to Norris, SD in the heart of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. I thought it would be “way cool” because my…


The Other Side of the Story — Bumping Protester Numbers in North Dakota — by Trent Loos

Apparently I misunderstood the U.S. Constitution when I read the 1st Amendment. I didn’t realize it only applied to those chosen by the Federal Government. The First Amendment guarantees freedoms…