Realities from the NoDAPL Protest in North Dakota — from Rural Route Radio — with Trent Loos

Marine Corps Veteran David Schutz went to the Standing Rock Protest from Massachusetts to see for himself what was going on. After being robbed and assaulted he is warning all others to stay away and not to send money.

In exclusive interview with Trent Loos on Rural Route Radio, Michelle Thompson and Marine Vet David Shutz talk with Trent Loos about their harrowing and eye-opening experiences at the No DAPL protest in North Dakota.   To listen, CLICK HERE or IMAGE BELOW. 


1 thought on “Realities from the NoDAPL Protest in North Dakota — from Rural Route Radio — with Trent Loos

  1. I think this woman is a fraud. I’ve been involved with the ‘Water Protection” issue here in North Dakota since 2014. I’m not sure promoting hearsay is helpful in the North Dakota effort to curb the BIG BOYS from taking everything they want from those of us who choose to retain our unalienable rights – including the right to Property. Standing Rock said what needed to be said in September 2014:
    Listen for the term “weasel words” toward the end of the tape, please.
    Sad thing is, I’m having to explain what has happened with Nevada & Oregon ranchers to those on Standing Rock trying to protect their own rights. They see the ranchers as armed thugs getting away with lawlessness while the ‘Protectors’ are being maced, sprayed, and wounded while praying. Maybe if we ALL tried to understand each other, we might be able to throw off the tyranny!

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