Let President & Mrs. Trump Hear from YOU about the Hammonds


Trent Loos and others are leading the charge in writing to President & Mrs. Trump about Dwight & Steven Hammond.  We share their letters and invite you to write a letter yourself, adding your voice to the chorus crying for Hammonds’ release.

hammonds-2To: First Lady Mrs Melania Trump

First off I would like to share how privileged I feel as a 6th generation citizen of the United States to have you as our nation’s First Lady. Your style, intelligence and strength will serve all our nations young ladies as a tremendous role model. Your obvious commitment to your country and family is something to be admired.

With that said,  I wish to bring to your attention the strife of a salt of the earth ranching family from Harney County, OR that have been targeted with political objectives.

Dwight and Stephen Hammond have been sentenced to 5 years in prison because they did the right thing in 2006. Early one morning, a lightning strike caused a fire to start on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) allotment the Hammond’s own grazing rights to.

With BLM permission, they started a fire on their own property which ultimately did burn just over 120 acres. I would like to reference grazing handbook U.S. Code  Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 91 › § 1855 which speaks of willful intent to destroy federal owned property. Although it very clearly states said allotment owners have an exemption.

This section shall not apply in the case of a fire set by an allottee in the reasonable exercise of his proprietary rights in the allotment.

Because the three Obama appointees who actually filed the charges knew the Hammond’s could not be charged with a crime they chose to use another statute that in their own words was a “long shot.”

The Antiterrorism Act of 1996 was created to put teeth in the criminal prosecution of the terrorists of this country who willfully create actions of terrorism not simply using the very tools such as fire the BLM uses to manage the resources.

In 2012 these gentlemen were indeed convicted as terrorists against the United States because they started a fire that saved thousands of acres from destruction.

I am writing this letter to you today because this family has suffered long enough. Stephen has spent 25 months in Federal Prison and his father Dwight is currently at 15 months both at Terminal Island, San Pedro, CA.

Ma’m, we are a nation of laws. We are also a nation of compassionate understanding people. The family has submitted the required paperwork and submitted it through the proper channels for clemency. I might also add their own Harlan County Sheriff David Ward and neighboring Grant County Sheriff included letters with the submission on behalf of the Hammond family.

Without question they are guilty of not originally taking these charges seriously enough and anyone can clearly see the lack of proper defense by their attorney.

Without the knowledge of the Hammond family, I am asking you that as one who clearly understands the bond of a family and the strength that comes through adversity that you may inquire as to more about the real agenda that put these hard working family men in prison.Trent Loos 3

Rolling up our sleeves and Making America Great Again together!! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Trent Loos

Loup City, Nebraska

Member Trump Agriculture Committee



 To the Honorable President Trump,
In rural counties in Oregon the federal agencies have taken control and turned much of Harney County into a Swamp.
This picture is of my friend Susie Hammond. Her family’s story is a typical story of Federal Government agencies overreach and abuse.
This is a link to a timeline of the Hammond family abuse:
From the article:
“By the 1990’s the Hammonds were one of the very few ranchers who still owned private property adjacent to the refuge. Susie Hammond in an effort to make sense of what was going on began compiling facts about the refuge. In a hidden public record she found a study done by the FWS in 1975. The study showed the “no use” policies of the FWS on the refuge were causing the wildlife to leave the refuge and move to private property. The study showed the private property adjacent to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge produced four times more ducks and geese than the refuge.  The study also showed the migrating birds were 13 times more likely to land on private property than on the refuge. When Susie brought this to the attention of the FWS and refuge personnel, her and her family became the subjects of a long train of abuses and corruptions.”

Many of the ranches were flooded out by the BLM/Malheur Wildlife Refuge and didn’t have the heart and strength to fight big government.

Susie and family educated themselves to KNOW their rights, and then had the courage to stand up and declare their rights. For this—the federal agencies decided they must be punished.

This story is only the tip of the iceberg (corner of the swamp). In all of the Western counties, the ranchers and farmers are being driven out of business by unconstitutional federal regulations.
 Susie’s husband Dwight, and son Steven are currently incarcerated, serving a 5 year sentence for “Terrorism” for burning grass on their allotment to control invasive weeds.
Please pardon these men so they can go back to their ranch and their families.
Sir, I am pleased to see you making inroads in draining the swamp as you promised to do. Do not forget this corner of the swamp, the corner that raises good livestock to turn into beef steak. Our rural counties in Oregon need your help.
Elaine Smith
Retired rancher in Grant County Oregon

35 thoughts on “Let President & Mrs. Trump Hear from YOU about the Hammonds

  1. I just saw this whole story for the first time. Not surprised how the news media once again deceived the American people. This was truly one of the most frightening things I’ve seen in my 60 years on this earth. That was not the American way!!! No one needed to be shot over land.
    President Trump, we appreciate all you are doing and know you will resolve this immediately.

  2. Dear President Trump,
    Please free the Hammonds. A man was killed by being shot in the back trying to stand for the Hammond’s. Obama, and u noticed I did not say President Obama because he was and is anything but presidential, pardoned drug dealers whibhave many murders on their hands and Gave out more pardons than any president ever but chose to ignore the Hammonds . Please make this wrong right.

  3. To: President Donald Trump.
    From: The Gilland family in Southern Illinois
    My family and I have been Trump supporters the day you announced your presidential run.
    In 2016 We watched the Oregon misfortune unfold, resulting in a patriotic Christian being murdered. When you stepped foot into office, I was sure you would immediately pardon the last of the Oregon boys still serving time.
    Your morals and values are completely different than our former president, Obama.
    It was okay for Obama to release several terrorists from our prisons? People that did or conspired to kill Americans? But it’s not okay to Pardon 2 American citizens that stood up for what they believe in? 2 American’s that had the right to defend their constitutional right? I’m going to be honest, as I sat down for a cup of coffee this morning and watched the Oregon documentary again I began to wonder…Did President Trump forget? Maybe someone needs to remind him…will these letters get to him? I dont want to end on a Tangent, but the failure of the FBI remains ongoing , whether it’s murdering American people, conspiring against presidential candidate’s (trump, this you should relate to), and not stopping a 19 yr old boy from shooting 17 people at a Florida school. They knew, had his name and did Absolutly nothing a year before he murdered these innocent people. I have no trust in our Federal Government, None. That’s neither here nor there on that issue, but The current issue is 2 MEN serving time for a patriot stand against a Corrupt Government. PLEASE, Mr Trump, release these men and let them go home to their family. This should be a priority of yours.
    Colleen and Jonathan Gilland

  4. This is another clean up the mess that Obama created. Please President Trump release these people, they were only doing part of what you say your doing. “Make America great again.”

  5. President Trump: Please do what the previous Presidents thought was unimportant. Without men like the the Hammond’s and Bundy’s, our great country would not be what it is today. While I do not condone what Bundy has done, I feel the BLM is and always has been totally out of line in the Hammond case. Put yourself in this family’s shoes and do the right thing. Free this father and son and more importantly, make a stand for what is right. I got to believe if it were your family, your livelihood, your legacy, you would be able to find every possible way to make this right. Do it for America, do it for American’s. Change the laws, if thats what it takes! It’s the reason I voted for you! Sincerely, Linda Wiewiora

  6. President Trump, please let these Americans out of Federal Prison now… With much respect, Timothy Mena in Kingston Spring’s Tennessee.
    TRUMP/PENCE until January 20th 2025!!!!

  7. Im watching the story being shown again. Sad for these ranchers and these towns. Please release the hammonds and give the rights back to the town and ranchers. Obama has ruined these towns. Corruption at its worse

  8. To Donald John Trump , Mr President Please use your executive power to commute the sentence of the Hammond family of Harney County Oregon by the department of Bureau Of Land Management in their land grab illegal deals . These sort of things I never thought would have happened in our Great Country governed by the rule of law , their only crime was trying to protect the land they work so long and hard to maintain and protect from approaching wild fires the same thing you and I would have done . I beg you to correct this unjust action taken against honest law abiding people that are the salt of this earth and people that live by Gods laws as well as that of their country . Mr. Timothy M Bennett

  9. Mr President,
    I grew up in Oregon and farmed in central Washington in the 90’s, We farm in Missouri now.
    Back in the 94 we were attacked (using fraudulent environmental law) by the feds, as have thousands of the best folks in the West, for at least a generation.
    Sir you have the authority and frankly the duty to end the violent (remember: LaVoy Finicum) merciless and unlawful persecution of innocent and hard working people.
    The bureaucrats who are relentlessly destroying these peoples lives, should be held to the same punishment that they seek for their victims.

    With Respect,
    Eric Vimont 417-366-0999

  10. This a land grab by the BLM.Mr Trump these are good people who were trying to save their home farm animals and land.Amanda Marshall should be fired! The BLM should be charged with racketeering and extortion.I thought we got rid of Obama oppression and tyranny.PLEASE HELP

  11. President Trump please release the political prisoners the Hammonds. The Federal Government agencies involved have become abusive and bloated. Please gut the Department of Interior and the BLM and bring accountability back.

  12. Im gonna make this very simple..im a cuban american whos parents migrated to america in 1966. Castros communism agenda stole all my familys 200 acres and destroyed our homes..and we were beat up and hurt and starving..trying to stay alive..we fought communism and lost the battle..Mr Trump..please do the right thing and PARDON THE HAMMONDS..clean up Obamas federal communist regime…MAGA! God bless america.keep the federal gov in wash dc

  13. Mr. President. The Hammonds have been consumed by “the swamp”!!! Please help fix this terrible abuse of power from the BLM, the FBI and anyone else associated with the murder of Robert Lavoy Finicum, and the phony case the BLM has brought against the Hammond family in Oregon. The sheriff wouldn’t protect them from an abusive federal government. Would you please rescue them?

  14. President Trump, please pardon the Hammonds !! Donald you’re a New York gent. Like myself(Rockaway beach)..The Hammonds are decent hard working ranchers n good Americans…This has gone 2 far 4 waaaay to long !! Please these aren’t the people that we have to worry about n have have in our jails !! We have to do the Right thing when we see something broken…Please President Trump, I have been with you since Day 1 lets reverse this Travesty !!! Sincerely, one of your Boys, Patrick j. Ford. P.s. Thank you…✌☘

  15. These Citizens of the United States of America did nothing wrong but stand up for their rights. The govt had an endless supply of money to break them and put them in prison when they couldn’t. Investigate Bill and Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid and his son and give the Hammonds pardons and restitution for their suffering. This was a war against every citizen who stands up for what is right.

  16. President Trump,
    Start making American great by righting the wrong Of putting The Hammonds in jail.. all because of Obamas judges. He and his son were only hard working family men and ranchers.. Also they need to be made whole again the Federal government also cost them their family home and Heritage.

    Do the right thing…

    Tammy L. Stull

  17. President Donald Trump
    I was so appalled when first hearing of this story. I ask you strongly as a President for the people to pardon the Hammonds for these so called criminal acts. I believe the only criminal acts committed have been those committed by our government, in an attempt for the BLM to secure there land in which they have worked hard to secure and own. FREE THE HAMMONDS!!!
    Make America Great Again!!!!

  18. Please release Steve and Dwight Hammond…they have served more than enough time. Prove you are the compassinate President that was elected.

    For God’s sake, hardened criminals were pardoned by previous administrations!

  19. Please President Trump, make the release of these prisoners a priority!! They have done their time for God’s sake. Prove you are the right President that was elected! Release the Dwight and Steven Hammonds.

    We have seen real hard criminals pardoned by the previous administrations, why not these men?

  20. As a constitutional, patriot pastor who also carries a gun in my church to protect my flock, I watched a God fearing man be executed by the FBI. I asked that president Trump to please issue pardons, don’t let Lavoy’s death be in vain. Thank you. God bless.

  21. A family who fought for justice, obeyed to their first sentencing, loyal to their family, community and country, took their second sentencing and continue to be in prison isn’t it time to free Dwight and Steven? Our anthem clearly says it, “With liberty and justice for all” they’ve shown us their justice to their country President Trump only you can show your people justice for them. They are one of the greatest American family I’ve ever known, deeply consider bringing them home. Your country and all those who support you will know it as proof you stand for us, make America great again as you’ve promised by showing us through the release of the Hammonds that this is The United States it’s meant to be. I pray you may find it in your heart to pardon these patriots.

  22. Just watched American Standoff. For starters the Hammonds are not guilty but who is, is the corrupt neglect and the abuse of power among the agencies of the federal government. And they should released. Second, Levi Finnicum didn’t do anything wrong to be murdered by federal agents. The federal agents ought to be charged for murder and also the person or persons in charge. I feel like that they were setup.

  23. Unfortunately, we seem to have picked the wrong President to deal with issues like this. In his next two to three years in office, he will never once address the issues that Westerners face with land rights, because these autocratic methods are right in line with everything else he seems to desire. We need people in power who will actually deal with the encroaching power of the Executive Branch, and there’s nobody from either of the elitist parties that give a care. We will give a voice with our votes in 2018!

  24. Please consider reversing the Tyranny displayed by your predecessor and the overzealous group of Federal agents that handled the Bundy Ranch case and the Lavoy Finnicum assassination. Our soldiers operate with their hands tied behind their backs under current rules of engagement; while these chicken shit FBI agents murdered a U.S. citizen. The Hammonds need to be released ASAP and pardoned. The agents who ambushed and cold bloodedly murdered Lavoy deserve prison or worse. They shot up a vehicle occupied by two women and two men; very impressive. I watched the video footage and was thoroughly disgusted. Former President Obama was/is a criminal and ran a criminal enterprise. We elected you to change that. Please send a strong message to all Patriots out there that you stand with us. Free the Hammonds now! Respectfully, Leonard S. Harmon, Major, U.S. Army (Retired)

  25. Please, please free the Hammonds. This is a travesty of justice. Do the right thing for these people and our country. Renew our faith, reunite families, hear the sorrow and acknowledge the tears of injustice done to the American people.

  26. Something so wrong can be fixed so easy President Trump please do the right thing as you have been doing release the Hammonds

  27. I have always felt the federal government was firmly in the corner of the weak and vulnerable, a force for good. After watching American Standoff, I no longer feel that way. Something needs to be done to curb the power of the federal bureaucracy as it relates to the management of public lands, and the Hammonds should be released immediately if for no other reason than they served the sentence which was imposed legally by a judge in good standing, regardless of whether the sentence was handed down in error. It was inhumane to resentence the Hammonds, and President Trump will most certainly see it that way, and soon, I pray.

  28. I am a lawabiding citizen of the United States of American and am beyond appalled at what is happening in some of our western states. Last night there was a documentary presented by
    A T & T about this case and another. Please let these men get back to their families and to the
    business of raising cattle. You appear to be the only path left for this family.
    Amy Whiteamire

  29. Let the Hammond’s go free and and send Obama and Hillary to jail.
    Prosecute and eliminate the BLM. They murdered my friend Lavoy Finnicum

    1. Lavoy Finicum was murdered by the FBI and .
      I seek clemency for the Hammon’s and the Bundy ranchers.

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