Do gooders Mad Jack Hanks Gentle readers, last evening I watched as Tucker Carlson (Fox News) interviewed a woman who by her account was an expert on wild horses. NADA! No, she was a bleeding heart liberal who wanted to show the world how necessary it is for us toContinue Reading

Horses have a greater impact on rangeland vegetation than other ungulates because of their anatomy and foraging habits. Horses can consume 1.25 times the amount of forage than a cow of equivalent mass.  Reposted from Free Range Report. Myths and Facts 1. Myth Equids evolved in the United States; thereforeContinue Reading

According to Wild Hoofbeats, Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has allegedly just voted in favor of killing all the wild horses currently in short term and long term holding, approximately 44,000 horses. The only NO vote on the Advisory Board was from Ginger Kathrens ofContinue Reading

The BLM’s wild horse program, mandated by congress, is so dreadful it has even gotten the attention of British media.  According The Economist, the BLM’s wild horse programme is the perfect poster of governmental waste, and people — including lawmakers — who are completely out of touch with reality.  InContinue Reading

  The BLM’s Wild Horse Program has been a very expensive working disaster for years. In  purported joint venture between the BLM and Madeleine Pickens, “Mustang Monument,” and expensive eco-sanctuary for wild horses was created and devoloped in rural Elko County, Nevada.  LAS VEGAS —  According to recent reports byContinue Reading

  The Bureau of Land Management has announced it will conduct an emergency roundup of wild horses causing public safety concerns along State Route 21 (running from Milford to Garrison) in Utah’s western desert. About 100 horses will be removed from the range near the Sulphur Herd Management Area becauseContinue Reading

Wyoming is the latest to join a growing list of outspoken voices who say wild horses are out of control, and the BLM is failing in its responsibility to manage them. According to the Western Livestock Journal, last week the State of Wyoming filed suit against the United States DepartmentContinue Reading

Wild Horses are quickly exhausting available forage resources. SALT LAKE CITY — According to an article written by Amy Joi O’Donoghue, published on, multiple Utah entities that include the Utah agriculture department and school trust land managers say a recently approved BLM plan for removing wild horses does notContinue Reading

According to an article in the Elko Daily Press (, the federal government is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the BLM’s management of wild horses.   This is an issue that is just starting to heat-up and will become an increasingly bigger issue in Utah as well. ELKO — TheContinue Reading

By Leland Hogan, President, Utah Farm Bureau Federation The culmination of the work of Velma Johnston, better known as “Wild Horse Annie,” was passage of the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Her goal was to protect this icon of the American West. Wild Horse Annie would be shockedContinue Reading