Biden’s Conservation Plan Hints at Land Grab, Governors Warn By Petr Svab for Epoch Times LINCOLN, Neb.—Tucked away on page nine of one of President Joe Biden’s executive orders on climate change are two small paragraphs that have raised alarm among governors of more than a dozen states. The paragraphs task theContinue Reading

As reported in an article originally published on, there is concern that the USFS (Forest Service) is attempting to usurp state authority regarding the regulation of groundwater. SALT LAKE CITY — The head of the U.S. Forest Service said the agency is within its rights to prevent contamination ofContinue Reading

On Wednesday, May 14th, the Salt Lake Tribune hosted a well-attended public debate at the Salt Lake City Library, pitting Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart and Representative Ken Ivory against Attorney Pat Shea, former director of the BLM under President Bill Clinton, and Professor Dan McCool of the University ofContinue Reading