Topeka, Kan. – The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Kansas and other states, reversing a lower court ruling that had upheld an Obama-era restriction on private property, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said. In a unanimous 8-0 decision, the Supreme Court reversed a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for theContinue Reading

President Trump signed full pardons on Tuesday for Oregon cattle ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and son Steven Hammond, whose long-running dispute with the federal government ended with prison sentences for arson — and later inspired the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.  In its statement announcing the pardon, the White HouseContinue Reading

  Reposted from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, by Jenny Wilson LAS VEGAS, NEVADA:  A federal judge declared a mistrial Monday in the first Bunkerville standoff case, which targeted six men accused of conspiring with rancher Cliven Bundy to derail a court-ordered cattle seizure in 2014. The mistrial — an anticlimacticContinue Reading

  According to John L. Smith, this week at the Nevada Bundy trial belongs to the defense.  REPOSTED FROM NEVADA PUBLIC RADIO John L. Smith has been camping out at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas, covering the first of three trials related to a tense 2014 standoff between BunkervilleContinue Reading

 Is the Former U.S. Attorney for Oregon at The Heart of The Hammond Family Problem? — from The Last Refuge   We tried to share the whole Hammond Story, but apparently there’s even more. At this point, the media are focused on the “Bundy Militia” angle to the standoff in BurnsContinue Reading

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…from The Last Refuge   The short summary is:  in an effort to draw attention to a ridiculous arrest of a father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers (“DwightContinue Reading

  The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 1 — a Government Gone Rogue   The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 2 — Liberty’s Sacrifice   The Bundy Story — Part 3 — United?   MORE TO COME — will post as available For a Nutshell Wrap-up of the Oregon StandoffContinue Reading

Horses have a greater impact on rangeland vegetation than other ungulates because of their anatomy and foraging habits. Horses can consume 1.25 times the amount of forage than a cow of equivalent mass.  Reposted from Free Range Report. Myths and Facts 1. Myth Equids evolved in the United States; thereforeContinue Reading

  According to ReDoubt News, Skittish Harney County Sheriff Makes Himself Putty in the Feds’ Hands and Turned Burns into a War Zone. Rural Route Radio Discussion of Role of County Sheriffs (as well as Oregon Standoff Trial) with Trent Loos & Todd Macfarlane RANGE / RANGEFIRE! — Addressing IssuesContinue Reading

  RANGEFIRE! is your source for “live” commentary and coverage of the Oregon Standoff Trial. At RANGEFIRE! we recognize that there are multiple sides to every story. For contrasting MSM perspectives and reporting, you can also follow Maxine Bernstein for OregonLive, and Conrad Wilson for Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).  Or,Continue Reading