It’s been in the news that Washington career lobbyists and globalist insiders in the D.C. “swamp” want ranchers to believe that they have no rights. Recently, the Range Allotment Owners Association (RAO), an association of Western ranchers that own Grazing Allotments and Range Units on split-estate land in theContinue Reading

The Oregon Standoff Trial has brought several confusing and often-misunderstood concepts into focus. These concepts include Seeking Redress of Grievances, Adverse Possession, Prior Appropriation & Beneficial Use, etc.  Based on social media and other discussions, it has become clear that there are major popular misconceptions regarding these concepts.  Based onContinue Reading

The lack of well-defined and transferable federal grazing rights presents serious obstacles to resolving rangeland disputes in a cooperative and mutually beneficial manner. These obstacles have important effects on the decisions to raid or trade among groups seeking to influence federal rangeland policy. Reposted from Free Range Report. Barriers toContinue Reading

Grazing rights are inherently tenuous because agencies continually reallocate rangeland resources and adjust -so-called grazing privileges to meet changing political conditions. Moreover, without the right to acquire grazing permits for conservation uses, environmental groups are forced to rely on these changing and uncertain political processes rather than individual market transactions.Continue Reading

In January 2016, an armed militia group seized control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon. Their goal: to protest federal control over western rangelands. It’s the latest episode in a long history of conflicts over the use of federal lands in the West.  Reposted from Free RangeContinue Reading

Note:  This is the third part of a multi-part series about Seven Realities in the West that the Federal Government and the Mainstream Media don’t seem to want to acknowledge or talk about.  When the series is complete, we will combine it all in one piece.  This piece deals withContinue Reading

Some interesting discussions have been occurring in recent Millard County Commission Meetings.  It has been very refreshing to see others in Millard County who care enough about issues that are important to them to take time off work, attend county commission meetings, and provide input about relevant issues.  We commendContinue Reading