Misguided wolf introductions wreaking havoc on wildlife populations and livestock

Rural America Live joins wildlife and ranching experts with Big Game Forever for an important program about the consequences, costs, and dangers of misguided efforts to introduce wolves into settled landscapes throughout the West and beyond.

Please take the time to watch this enlightening and troubling presentation.

See more at the Colorado Stop the Wolves Coalition website

Photos source: Colorado Stop the Wolves Coalition

24 thoughts on “Misguided wolf introductions wreaking havoc on wildlife populations and livestock

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  1. I cannot find this on YouTube but wish I could because a number of friends have requested to see where it’s available. Please let me know. Because I have searched all the names and can’t come up with anything.

  2. Liberal university idiots with BS degrees have been running/ruining/radicalizing the reintroduction of wolves into western states since 1995. Wolf conservation groups funded by city liberals have no idea of the real behavior of worthless wolves. Enough is enough!

  3. Also wolves carry and Spread leptospirosis…to your pets to anything that drinks water a wolf pees near.

  4. And…..what about the parasite that lives in the stomach of the wolf, causes “HYDATID CYST DISEASE”? Humans can get it. ANY animal or person that comes in contact with the wolf feces is exposed to this. It is explained on the
    stopthewolf.org website.
    “Alveolar Echinococcois”

  5. Up here in Alaska the Govt shoots wolves from helicopters…allows public to hunt/ shoot wolves from private planes. This is done to protect Moose and CARIBOU. Why? So the State can boast about big game hunting success which in turn draws more nonresident hunters which results in high priced nonresident hunting licences and tags being SOLD..its all about MONEY around these parts!

    1. It’s not all about the money. If it was, they could simply increase their rates across the board or cut budgets for staffing.

      Managing wildlife costs money. Money I don’t see activist groups spending any money on. They contribute practically nothing while exploiting people and misleading the public on the facts surrounding the “charismatic megafauna” they exploit to line their pockets.


  6. Wolf introduction has unequivocally led to the greatest wildlife disaster of our lifetimes. The Shire moose of Yellowstone are all but gone, desimated by uncontrolled introduced non native Canadian grey wolves.
    This is just one example of many when it comes to the decimation of wildlife and livestock. The people responsible for this irresponsible and misguided introduction need to be held accountable for their actions.
    Please contact your representatives and demand accountability. We cannot continue to allow these types of reckless behaviors. Also, please support Biggame Forever in their efforts to save our wildlife. Future generations are counting on us to act now.

  7. Yes but post a picture of a man who shot himself a wolf and watch the animal rights liberals heads explode! They have already started doing something about it but these people are already howling! Saw a picture of someone who had captured and shot two of them and the response of the people shows their ignorance. It was unbelievable the death wishes toward the man who took out this type of threat!

  8. Wake up all….don’t just post up on forums -go to some of the F&W mtgs with PROOF of all these encounters…dont just go whine…prove that the wolves are next to your home…prove that they are killing your domestic snimals or stock…that’s the only way they wull listen…

    Now our wonderful Washington Dept of F&W is moving forward RAPIDLY on the introduction of grizzlies north of I-90 to the Canadian border…right up the east side of the Cascades…

    I’m taking an educated guess that none of the above pics were taken in Kittitas Co??

  9. People just need too get the information. Because they just don’t get it, unless they live in th rual areas. I would like to share, share this information.

  10. David, even if the livestock are on BLM land, what does it matter? We pay the BLM $16 per head to graze our cattle there every year. It is anything BUT free. Especially when you figure the losses incurred by predators you cannot defend against.

  11. This Whole wolf stuff needs a $500 per dead wolf Bounty on em.
    Kill Every wolf Everywhere in the USA.

    It’s unbelievable the USA govt is so darn lax as to be involved w wolf reintroductions to start with.

    1. There is no such thing as free graze, a permit holder pays per cow/calf pair lease amount. Cattle herd and horse and sheep, on private property. 70% of cattle confirmed killed by wolves are on private property.

  12. More and more sightings of wolves in Kittitas County, Wa. They’re getting pictures on the game cameras, neighbors have seen them right by their house, In the Swauk area. I want them delisted, the wolves have no fear of anyone. And We don’t have the game we used to. That was the stupidest thing the game dept ever did, the wolves are just a killing machine.

  13. This is the worst thing the government has ever done to our country, and this is not going to go away or fix itself. The wolves are out of control in the west and the hybred wolves in the east at a record high.

    When you have large numbers of preditors, it’s a very short time before they eat up all the prey. Then they will go after the farmers and rural residents.

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