RANGE magazine makes historical archives available to the public

In a process that has taken well over a year, RANGE magazine has created an interactive archive of all its past issues, starting with Spring 2017, going back to its inaugural edition of Spring, 1991.

Called RANGEdex, the archival treasure trove can be accessed by going to rangedex.com. More comprehensive than the “Back Issues” feature on the rangemagazine.com homepage, RANGEdex provides readers access to full editions as they appeared in their original form, complete with the original text, fonts, layouts and historic RANGE photographs.

RANGE brought on a talented technology student from the University of Nevada Reno to create the complex archival library, and the process of making it intuitively searchable through keywords and images is ongoing.

Needless to say, RANGEdex is a window into the recent history of the American West. As RANGE magazine is considered a treasure by subscribers and contributors, this beautifully composed website is a gift to thousands. As you peruse past issues you will find pensive reflections on the past, compelling stories of contemporary ranch life, and forward-looking reports about the issues that continue to dog ranchers, property owners and all who love and work the land.

See the full archive by clicking HERE


2 thoughts on “RANGE magazine makes historical archives available to the public

  1. I have lost my back issues of Range magazines I was wanting to paint a picture of a vaquero cowboy riding a big pinto horse it was a full page picture and a lot of other rodeo pictures I have the indoor arena pictures of the bucking horses but not the vaquero on the paint can I get that issue

    1. It should be no problem. First you might try going to rangedex.com where you can search all of our back issues using key words and names. If that doesn’t work, please Call 1-800-RANGE-4-U during business hours and one of our great gals with get you set up with that.

      Thank you

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