Range magazine and Rangefire blog Shifting Gears!

For the better part of the past 30 years CJ Hadley has been so busy chopping wood at Range magazine that she has seldom slowed down long enough to sharpen the ax.  And while she and Range magazine do a great job telling the otherwise untold story of producers in the West, and educating consumers about the realities and challenges producers face – a lot of serious meat and potatoes, with just enough sugar to help the medicine go down – she has never been one to talk much about herself, her own challenges, and the ever-evolving Range magazine story.  

As previously reported, back in 2016, during the height of the most recent Sagebrush dust-up, Todd Macfarlane and Marjorie Haun joined forces with CJ Hadley at Range magazine, to provide a more steady flow of fresh, bold, new information and food for thought in two new blogs, Rangefire! and Free Range Report

In light of the current media environment where many issues — especially relating to people on the land in the West — are often given mostly single-dimensional treatment by the mainstream media, RANGEfire! and Free Range Report  were there to help address growing issues facing the West, share the message of Property Rights, and assist in presenting other perspectives and telling other sides of stories that so often go completely untold, and . . . to help Spread America’s Cowboy Spirit Beyond the Outback.

As reported at that time, Todd started out as editor-in-chief of the Rangefire blog, while Marjorie was the editor-in-chief of Free Range Report.

During the recent Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity in mid-September, however, while Forrest Lucas, Dave Duquette, and Protect the Harvest were in town for the Wild Spayed Filly Futurity, Todd, Marjorie and CJ had a big pow-wow in Carson City,  to talk mostly about how some old dogs can learn new tricks, and brainstormed new ideas about how to advance the work of Range magazine.

It’s still way too early to tell where it will all lead, but one of the most important developments is RangeDex – which is digital archives from over 100 issues of Range magazine, over the past 25+ years, now available on-line at the Range magazine website. 

Range will also be upgrading its website, and start taking social media a lot more seriously, under the capable direction of Marjorie Haun, who is also taking over the helm as editor-in-chief of the Rangefire blog.

Marjorie is a retired public school teacher, who comes from western pioneer stock, with multiple generations of scratching out a living from the resources found in western landscapes.  She has recently relocated from Grand Junction, Colorado to LaSal, Utah, and, like Todd, is a regular contributor to Range magazine.  Todd will also continue to make regular contributions to Rangefire, but Marjorie is now primarily responsible, as editor-in-chief. 


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