Law Enforcement and Public Lands


We were pleased to note former Millard County Sheriff Ed Phillips on a recent episode of The County Seat, a regular half-hour TV show covering issues facing counties in Utah. Mr. Phillips vigorously attacked the current habit of the BLM to cancel law enforcement contracts with county agencies and replace them with BLM employees. He claimed BLM law enforcement has never maintained a proper chain of command, such that when problems arise, there’s someone at the BLM for local law enforcement and the public to talk with.

The episode, which you can see in its entirety here, also featured Garfield County Commissioner LeLand Pollock and Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins. Sheriff Perkins in particular could hardly conceal his distaste for the BLM’s behavior in his county, accusing the bureau of failing to cooperate with his deputies and interfering with search and rescue operations. The BLM was offered an opportunity to appear on the show, but declined.

The Pahvant Post has hardly concealed its distaste for federal overreach. We applaud Mr. Phillips for his long-standing defense of local control of the land and his ongoing fight against illegitimate federal power grabs.

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