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A Refresher — The Bunkerville Protest Revisited — Connecting the Dots on the Bundy Standoff

  As the “Bundy” trials in Las Vegas are quickly approaching, we’re re-posting this article as a refresher about the original Bundy Standoff.  The primary substantive content of this article…


Can Cows Save the Planet? — Guest Editorial — by Trent Loos

  Reposted from High Plains Journal Why do people outside of the farming community continue to lie about our industry? They romanticize and talk about loving the small family farmer,…

Amish Resarch 1

What Do Amish Children Have Less Of? AND WHY?

  According to this article from the Elko Daily Free Press, Asthma is the answer to the first Question, and Cows are the answer to the second.   CHICAGO (AP) — Forget…