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A Refresher — The Bunkerville Protest Revisited — Connecting the Dots on the Bundy Standoff

  As the “Bundy” trials in Las Vegas are quickly approaching, we’re re-posting this article as a refresher about the original Bundy Standoff.  The primary substantive content of this article…


A Realistic Assessment of Utah’s Role in the Current “Public Lands” Debate — by Todd Macfarlane

  The past few years have been very eventful on the Western “public lands” front.  I put quotation marks around the term/phrase “Public Lands” because according to my evolving understanding,…


Missing Elements in the Western Land Use Discussion — Op/Ed — by Tim K. Smith

  The western land use events of the last few years seem to have been analyzed, pondered, condemned, praised and generally discussed into a state of confusion and stalemate. For…


Dispelling Relevant Popular Misconceptions – Adverse Possession, Seeking Redress of Grievances, etc.

The Oregon Standoff Trial has brought several confusing and often-misunderstood concepts into focus. These concepts include Seeking Redress of Grievances, Adverse Possession, Prior Appropriation & Beneficial Use, etc.  Based on…

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Federal Government Urges Supreme Court not to Hear Hage Appeal — Case Status Report

  Reposted from FREE RANGE REPORT: The heirs and estate of Wayne Hage, an icon of the “Sagebrush Rebellion,” have asked the nation’s highest court to review a ruling by the…


Basic Life, Liberty & Property Rights Applied to Bunkerville — Video Presentation

Since what happened in Bunkerville has become an issue in the Oregon Standoff Trial, for those who are interested in a more in-depth treatment, including the deep background leading up…