WOLF NECROPSY Introduction by Editor This compelling video begins with the necropsy of a cow killed by wolves. Filled with facts about the impact of swelling wolf populations in Mountain West states, this video is both alarming, and an excellent resource for educating those who have been misled to believeContinue Reading

Do gooders Mad Jack Hanks Gentle readers, last evening I watched as Tucker Carlson (Fox News) interviewed a woman who by her account was an expert on wild horses. NADA! No, she was a bleeding heart liberal who wanted to show the world how necessary it is for us toContinue Reading

EXTREME ENVIRONMENTALISTS’ DREAM OF “REWILDING” THREATENS RURAL AMERICA Protect the Harvest Rewilding Devastates Rural America & Food Production Protect The Harvest supports meaningful and balanced conservation along with the right to hunt; rewilding, however, is something much different. It is painted in the rosy colors of enhanced conservation to disguiseContinue Reading

Trump Administration Returns Management and Protection of Gray Wolves to States and Tribes Following Successful Recovery Efforts DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR PRESS RELEASE BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – More than 45 years after gray wolves were first listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Trump Administration and its many conservation partners areContinue Reading

by ©Lee Pitts Government officials say over 5,000 invasive species have infiltrated our ecosystem and our economy causing an estimated $120 billion in damages annually. Here’s my top ten list of invasive species in America today. 10. Fake Food– Remember the days when the great American barbecue consisted of aContinue Reading

wolf pack eats kill

Video Posted by Life on the Range on YouTube.com Part 4 of the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission wolf series focuses on the unforeseen impacts caused by wolves in Idaho. The Life on the Range video crew learned about unexpected things like cows attacking herding dogs after being spooked by wolves,Continue Reading

wolf pack eats kill

PRESS RELEASE The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition Grand Junction, CO – January 8, 2019 – The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition was recently formed by concerned sportsmen, farmers and ranchers, businesses and individuals to fight the effort to release wolves in Colorado. The mission of the Coalition is toContinue Reading

Originally published by Northernag.net Predators Eat Away Montana Livestock Loss Board Budget As another year draws to a close, the Montana Livestock Loss Board said Montana ranchers once again faced economic losses due to livestock predation. George Edwards is the executive director of the Montana Livestock Loss Board, which providesContinue Reading