Dr. Redd's headstone at the cemetery in Blanding, Utah

Jasmine Redd: The senseless BLM raid that ended her father’s life

In 2015, RANGE magazine published “BLM Hit Man,” a shocking first-hand account of Bureau of Land Management incident commander, Dan Love’s involvement in a series of raids that resulted to the deaths of several men and the fracturing of a community in southeastern Utah. On June 11 of 2009, the home of James Redd, a beloved local physician and philanthropist, was raided by an army of 140 federal agents armed with automatic weapons and dressed in body armor. Specious reports of antiquities looting on the part of Dr. Redd, his wife and other residents of Blanding, Utah and nearby towns, lead to a massive–and unfounded–sting that led to Dr. Redd’s death. His daughter, Jasmine, now shares her own experiences with punitive federal overreach and a culture of persecution that has nearly destroyed trust in government at all levels. ~ Ed

Posted by Cameron R. Moore


“This is a story of loss and government overreach, that ultimately ends in love.”

“BLM Hitman”
by Marjorie Haun
RANGE magazine Fall 2017

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