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John Hoak: Is a gelded colt a filly?

Is a gelded colt a filly?

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By friend of RANGE, John Hoak

The topic of transgenderism is an excellent example of how the Left sets the agenda then controls the dialog on all topics and re-defines terms to fit their perverse purposes.  They postulate some absurdity, then the rest of us incessantly, compulsively take the bait and debate their irrational premises, commonly using their own terminology.  “The border is secure,” they tell us, though we know beyond any doubt that the opposite is true, and we burn time & energy debating whether or not the border is secure (while incalculable, irreversible damage mounts).  They propose & pass obviously damaging legislation, then we debate whether or not the new law is helpful or harmful, e.g., the “Inflation Reduction Act,” guaranteed and intended to INCREASE inflation, generates furious debate about whether or not the bill is inflationary.

To the topic of the above meme:  The profoundly mentally ill individual who slaughtered 6 people at the Covenant School was NOT a man, it was a psychotic woman.  This deluded freak took drugs and/or had mutilating surgeries to change his gender, BUT GENDER CANNOT BE CHANGED, it is a biological fact of birth.  Nevertheless, most conservatives – including all politicians, all newscasters and all commentators/analysts – pretend it was her prerogative to “change gender.”

I don’t give a damn if adults want to play dollhouse with their bodies or attire, and I don’t give a damn if some people are queer.  What infuriates & perplexes me is the widespread pretense that this is normal behavior – because biologically & statistically it is demonstrably NOT normal – and much worse, the Left’s demand that we all must celebrate even the most bizarre & aggressively-flaunted abnormalities and elevate such people solely on the basis of their aberrant behaviors.

Our acceptance of the Left’s agenda and our willingness to debate their mad theories on their terms – as if they have merit – while their irrational, immoral policies & laws are forced upon society, have led to aggressive trans teachers in our grade schools, disgusting drag queen shows for kids of military families, kleptomaniac/cross-dressing weirdos in critical government positions, men competing in women’s sports, men using women’s bathrooms & locker rooms and much more.  Not in my town.

It sure as hell doesn’t help that we have virtually no voice in government, as our party, the GOP, is corrupt, incompetent, lazy & cowardly, and, in any case, our party has no power – they surrendered it.


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