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Nevada bill equates killing coyotes to killing people

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New Nevada Bill for Killing Coyotes Carries Hefty Punishment

Hunters in Nevada might want to find some new grounds for sport.

A new bill would make killing a coyote for sport the same equivalent as manslaughter under the eyes of the law if it passes.

On March 25, the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources introduced Senate Bill 487, which would ban competitions where coyotes are killed for prizes or entertainment.

Coyotes made up the majority of calls to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. (Public Domain)

If it passes, those caught violating the law would face the charge of a Class D Felony that carries a mandatory prison term of 1-4 years and a potential fine of up to $5,000.

In turn, because of the crime’s felony status, violators would then lose their right to vote and own firearms. The new measure would liken the killing of the animals to that of arson and manslaughter – all three carrying the same penalties.

Bruce L. Tague@BruceTague

.Can’t make this up folks. Legislation recently introduced in the Nevada Senate would treat participants in a coyote hunting contest the same as someone convicted of manslaughter. #TakeActionToday #ProtectYourPassion #Huntervationist cc: @Gabby_Hoffman …61:35 PM – Apr 5, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacyNevada Coyote Contest Bill Carries Penalties Equal to Manslaughter | Sportsmen’s AllianceLegislation recently introduced in the Nevada Senate would treat participants in a coyote hunting contest the same as someone convicted of manslaughter.sportsmensalliance.orgSee Bruce L. Tague’s other Tweets

“According to the authors of SB 487, killing someone or burning down a house should carry the same penalty as posting on social media about a coyote competition,” said Bruce Tague, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This is utterly ridiculous and unwarranted. Worse yet, this bill makes each coyote killed a separate violation of the new law, meaning a judge could sentence a violator to many years in prison for killing a species that the state of Nevada is already struggling to control!”

So… hunters are now on par with pyromaniacs and killers?

The bill is made to look like it is just banning competitions, but the bill’s phrasing uses loose terms, potentially putting those even posting about it on social media at risk. 

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15 thoughts on “Nevada bill equates killing coyotes to killing people

  1. Ranchers and farmers need to protect their livestock. However, proper management needs to be coordinated with DNR and knowledgeable agencies/people. Not politicians looking for votes, by catering to reactionary fools.

  2. Oh no, are all the blood thirsty psychopaths sad because they won’t be able to keep viciously and thoughtlessly wreaking havoc on local wildlife and eco-systems just to prove what strong, virile ‘men’ they are? Poor widdle babies. About time! (And everyone bitching about the loss of livestock – killing one animal to keep it from killing another animal so that YOU can kill that other animal yourself… the epitome of everything that is wrong in our so called ‘civilized’ society. GET OUT OF THE RANCHING BUSINESS! You people are just like coal miners, clinging to a dying industry that is killing the planet. The rest of the world is moving on, maybe you should to (preferably to something that DOESN’T involve torturing the innocent).

    1. You need to learn more about the circle off life. I Dare you to go live on a ranch for a year and try to come away with the same childish ideology.

  3. How come the Nevada Fish and Wildlife fly airplanes every winter and shoot coyotes. But we can’t help.

  4. So apparently whoever is against shooting coyotes does not know much about them not one bit or it’s the fact of those people have never been around coyotes enough to understand that they need to be shot.If we don’t shoot coyotes most the Calves on the ranch will be killed by coyotes and people’s pets such as dogs,cats so on and so forth coyotes are pests eventually they will be way to many around,I mean I’m just saying but I see at least 2 coyotes every day and I have seen packs of 6 coyotes together all in one field .

  5. Who do we write to so this outlandish law doesn’t pass? You have support in. CA and Canada who are sick and tired of ARA’s controlling wildlife management.

  6. Can you share a copy of SB 487. From what I have researched it is a bill on Marijuana and cannot find anything about what you are saying?????

    1. Latest word is the bill is set to die in the state legislature. Let’s work to make sure it never comes back.

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    Anybody who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanks!!

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