So the cat is out of the bag.  I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  In fact, I didn’t cast a vote in the U.S. Presidential election at all. Social media has made it easy to live in filter bubbles, sheltered from opposing viewpoints. So what happens when liberals andContinue Reading

  In one of the most insightful comments on election night, Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press pointed out that rural Americans had won this race, the people who feel forgotten—he added in a direct comment to Lester Holt “we’re even guilty of that when we refer to themContinue Reading

As many know, President Obama has just issued sweeping Gun Control measures, based entirely on “Executive Action.”  To what extent do people understand what that means?  Does everyone understand that means changing fundamental policy and laws without going through a legislative process? We’re going to be talking a lot moreContinue Reading