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Smoke Signals and Distortions from Standing Rock North Dakota — by Trent Loos

  On Halloween of 1998, we moved from Missouri to Norris, SD in the heart of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. I thought it would be “way cool” because my…


The Other Side of the Story — Bumping Protester Numbers in North Dakota — by Trent Loos

Apparently I misunderstood the U.S. Constitution when I read the 1st Amendment. I didn’t realize it only applied to those chosen by the Federal Government. The First Amendment guarantees freedoms…


One Side of the Story in North Dakota — Heavy-handed Law Enforcement?

  According to the Free Thought Project, Heavily-militarized police decked in riot gear and armed to the teeth, arrived by MRAP and other military-grade vehicles to a Dakota Access Pipeline…