WOLF NECROPSY Introduction by Editor This compelling video begins with the necropsy of a cow killed by wolves. Filled with facts about the impact of swelling wolf populations in Mountain West states, this video is both alarming, and an excellent resource for educating those who have been misled to believeContinue Reading

If you think your food choices will always be private and in your best interests, think again. ~Ed   From Glenn Beck TV “Glenn exposes how ranchers are slowly and secretly being run out of business and how farmers are economically being forced to comply. Environmental, social, and corporate governanceContinue Reading

Amy Joi O’Donoghue Deseret News Range wars: Tension mounts in the West over public lands grazing, wild horses and ranchers More than 70 animal advocacy and conservation groups are calling on the Biden administration to eliminate livestock grazing on any public lands where wild horse populations exist, ramping up theContinue Reading

ADDRESSING BRUCELLOSIS WITH HELP RANCHERS AND WILDLIFE Brian Yablonski of the Property and Environment Research Center, As posted in Northern Ag Net In a move that will benefit both ranchers and wildlife in our region, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced researchers can now study the disease brucellosis in an outdoorContinue Reading

Farm Journal’s MILK Jim Dickrell A team of scientists from John Hopkins University claims switching to all vegan-diets across the globe would reduce the per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of food production by 70%. Going to just one meatless day per week would cut the average American’s greenhouse gasContinue Reading

PETA Tries Capitalizing on Cattle Flooding Deaths with Billboards by Wyatt Bechtel as originally published by Drovers A billboard from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) doesn’t appear to be meeting the animal rights group’s goals of pushing people to a vegan diet after being installed in KansasContinue Reading

  According to Drovers Journal, and other media outlets, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has restored grazing permits for the Hammond family from Oregon after losing the right to graze following federal charges that were later pardoned.  Almost six months after receiving a Presidential Pardon, one of outgoing InteriorContinue Reading

Continued . . . .  Most often, criminal defense attorneys use a preliminary hearing primarily for discovery purposes, to hear the prosecution’s case; to assist in their own preparation for trial. The “probable cause” standard of proof in a preliminary hearing is rather low and relatively easy for the prosecutionContinue Reading

Preface:  Before reading this piece, you might want to read Cow Lawyer. Kenneth McCoy’s estate planning wasn’t finished yet, and; the Hepworth/pasture lease litigation was far from over, when McCoy had received something else he wanted to discuss — a summons in another case.  This was a criminal matter.  HeContinue Reading

Although Lawyers are supposed to be golfers, because I didn’t do much golfing once I got to Kanab, I didn’t meet many people, including potential clients, on the golf course, and that’s not how I met Kenneth McCoy. McCoy was a self-described rancher.  And given my early naïveté and resurrectedContinue Reading