Opinion by Montana State Representative Dan Bartel for Northern Ag Network The tax exemption APR enjoys also gives them a major advantage in the marketplace for land.  APR is able to pay premium prices as they compete directly against young farmers and ranchers trying to get their start. By Rep.Continue Reading

California’s Prop 15 Will ‘Punish Farmers and Ranchers’ by Greg Henderson for Drovers Politicians lie. That may not be a startling revelation, and usually when you vote you have some idea whether or not a candidate aligns with your political ideals. At least sometimes. Such is not the case withContinue Reading

This is Part 1, in a multi-part article by Morris & Linda Tannahill about the societal issues and problems that are solved by private property ownership. Private Property — the Great Problem Solver — Part 1 Most social problems which perplex national leaders could be solved fairly simply by anContinue Reading