Saving the Great Plains with prescribed fire, mixed grazing The Prairie Project focuses on research, extension and education by Adam Russell for AgriLife Today Rangelands in the Great Plains, and the ranchers who depend on them, are losing battles against an invasion of brush and shrubs on historical grasslands. RanchersContinue Reading

Equine Welfare Crisis Looms with Reintroduction of the SAFE Act Western Justice Post The new administration and resulting shift in political climate have brought on a dramatic escalation of animal extremist groups seeking to advance their agenda on a number of fronts. At the national level, the reintroduction of theContinue Reading

FIRST, PUT OUT THE FIRE! From Jim Petersen’s press release First, Put Out the Fire! traces the social, cultural, historic, economic, environmental and regulatory roots of the wildfire pandemic that is sweeping through western national forests. Writer James D. Petersen’s gripping story draws on his 34 years as the drivingContinue Reading

wolf pack eats kill

Video Posted by Life on the Range on Part 4 of the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission wolf series focuses on the unforeseen impacts caused by wolves in Idaho. The Life on the Range video crew learned about unexpected things like cows attacking herding dogs after being spooked by wolves,Continue Reading

Western communities lose as environmental groups reap millions in EAJA payouts Contributed to RANGEfire! by Nick Smith, Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities The U.S. Forest Service released its budget justification for Fiscal Year 2020 and it includes a lot of information about the agency and its finances.  Buried in this voluminous document areContinue Reading