Cattle in Nevada

COMMENTARY: Tracy Stone-Manning would be bad for Nevada By Dan Newhouse and Crescent Hardy for Las Vegas Review Journal Nevada’s senators will soon face a critical vote on the confirmation of Tracy Stone-Manning as director of the Bureau of Land Management. Many may be asking: Who is Tracy Stone-Manning, and whyContinue Reading

Stone-Manning human depopulation proposal

By Ashley Oliver for Breitbart “The damage is evident and the demise of the griz imminent, yet we continue our war cries while breeding our weapons,” Stone-Manning wrote. “We can bicker and moan at each other in our battle about what is going to help the bear now, but ultimatelyContinue Reading

A deep political divide between urban and rural areas has conservative residents feeling ignored by the state government Teny Shakian for Fox News Rural Oregon counties vote to discuss seceding from state to join ‘Greater Idaho’ A group called Move Oregon’s Border is leading an initiative to have Oregon‘s rural counties secede fromContinue Reading

As posted by Protect the Harvest WESTERN WATERSHEDS PROJECT: WELFARE ENVIRONMENTALISTS Western Watersheds Project litigates at taxpayer expense and threatens rural economies Founder with True Contempt for CattleWestern Watersheds Project (WWP) began as Idaho Watersheds Project (IWP) in 1993. Its founder, Jon Marvel, who was raised in the East, beganContinue Reading