The Oregon Standoff cases test the bounds of a number of issues from judicial transparency to Fourth Amendment protections, and lengthy pre-trial detentions. As previously mentioned, the Internet, including Twitter,  has recently been abuzz with a story about Ryan Bundy.  What really happened is anybody’s guess.  According to theContinue Reading

    Maggie McLetchie, the lawyer representing the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other news media filed court papers Monday accusing the government of trying to “stifle” free speech in the criminal case stemming from the Bunkerville standoff, according to Jeff German, writing for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. McLetchie argues thatContinue Reading

    OPB recently broke a story about unique developments in the Bundy/Malheur Refuge case that provide several perfect examples of the kind of lack of transparency that I’ve been talking about, not to mention common distortions by the mainstream media.  This is a follow-up to my previous BFP pieceContinue Reading

This is one of those issues that should quickly become self-evident. Our legal system goes by a number of different names. Some call it the “Justice System.” Others call it the “Court System” or the “Judicial System.” Still others refer to it as the “Legal System.” Based on my experienceContinue Reading