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The Marxist roots of the “animal rights” movement

Christine Marie

New Territory Media

I know that for a good many of my fellow citizens watching our world implode, it seems surreal, and you might be left wondering if you are watching some warped version of reality or a well- directed movie.  The break-neck speed with which our country has imploded is shocking to many.  From the daily revelations of how deep the disfunction within our government institutions (from federal to local) is to how deep and wide the corruption within all systems runs is mind-numbing to most.  Our civilian systems have failed us. Some say a Great Awakening is coming, and all of the corruption we have been forced to live with will be revealed.  In the hope that this is truly the case, I would like to help in the public revelation of how and where this corruption is rooted.

Our judiciary, and the lawyer class seem to have finally succumbed to the power with which they yield.  While we support those front-line law enforcement officers dedicated to protecting and serving, we are also seeing those law enforcement institutions that have been sucked into the judicial/legal swamp, happily complicit and thoroughly engaged with them in stripping citizens of their constitutional rights.  Congress is completely dysfunctional and corrupt, intent on serving only their own agenda and personal and special interests, rather than the citizens that have entrusted them with the honor of serving them.

But one group of people watching this horror show unfold is not only not surprised but has been out in front for over a decade trying to expose not only what has been happening to their community, but trying to educate about how what is happening to their community is part and parcel of the bigger leftist agenda.  What segment of society is this, you ask?  It is those of us who are engaged in working with or raising animals.  It includes food producers, owners of exotic animals and related businesses, and, in particular, breeders of all species.  We have been and are the canary in the coal mine.   You need to understand how the assault on animal ownership (and the concurrent push for animal “rights”) is not about loving animals or saving anything, but a full-frontal assault on our God-given, human and Constitutional rights.  Pushing an alleged pro-animal agenda, under the guise of animal “welfare” or “protection” is a now proven effective tool in the toolbox in the steady march towards Marxism and communism.

As a community, animal owners (and in particular pet breeders and exotics owners) have been silenced, cancelled, over-regulated, marginalized, criminalized, our business and hobbies legislated out of society (literally), victims of law enforcement and judicial conspiracies and corruption, cyber-bullied, bullied in person (personal harm and property damage), stalked, and harassed.  

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