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Wyoming man confronts pols about lack of action following Durham investigation

Written by John Hoak of Bighorn Wyoming

An open letter to Wyoming’s U.S. delegation:  Senator Barrasso, Senator Lummis, Congresswoman Hageman

Honorable Senators and Representative:

I am, once again, stunned, offended and infuriated at the gross miscarriage of justice evident in the outcome of the Durham investigation.  After a delay of four years and unreported millions of dollars of expense to taxpayers ($6 – $7 million?), only three people were indicted, with but one conviction for a trivial crime.

As has long been known, from the earliest days of the 2016 presidential campaign the Clinton organization colluded with Obama and Biden administration cabinet-level operatives and their minions in the intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies (with Obama’s and Biden’s knowledge) to falsely accuse and smear Donald Trump.  The damning Durham report speaks for itself, and much has already been written about the report and the object of the investigation – the deep-rooted, far-reaching, republic-threatening national travesty and tragedy of “Russiagate” – so I will not here reiterate the details of timeline, criminality, perpetrators, and relationships.

It is provably clear that the coordinated, malevolent, illegal actions of Trump opponents in the Clinton camp (and elsewhere, e.g., the news media) and inside the federal government of two Democrat administrations resulted in purposeful, willful subversion of the nation’s election process and in continuing efforts by the same organizations and persons to undermine, malign and overthrow the lawfully-elected President of the United States.  (Subversions of law, defiance of court rulings and Congress and overtly illegal acts are now unapologetically committed routinely by the Biden administration; examples abound and grow.)  America’s Left and allies falsely, blithely accuse political and cultural opponents of insurrection.  Many American citizens have been investigated, imprisoned and convicted in draconian federal abuses following the January 6th Capitol protests and the sham Congressional (Democrat) ‘insurrection’ inquisition.  Russiagate’s treasonous felons demonstrably corrupted an American presidential election and unmistakably attempted to overthrow the legally-elected government of the United States.  Will no one involved in orchestrating and perpetrating an actual insurrection be indicted, tried and punished?!

My pressing questions to my Senators and Representative:

  • When will justice be served on those who attempted the Russiagate coup?  What will America’s elected political leaders actually do to assure that criminals are prosecuted and jailed for the attempted coup?
  • Do you believe the American legal/judicial system is viable, valid and moral if separate legal standards and processes exist for those in government and power?
  • Do you believe the American legal/judicial system can survive and function in honorable service of the citizenry if justice is once again perverted, with no one in the governing and political class appropriately, rigorously ‘held accountable’ for the crimes of Russiagate?

I understand well the circumscriptions of power imposed by the Constitution on the three branches of government.  I also understand well that the Republican Party – by decades-long failure of any rigorous, concerted, effective opposition to encroaching American Leftism, and abject failure to address or redress known and profoundly-influential corruption in the last presidential election – ceded controlling power to American Marxists, and now hold only one house of one branch of the federal government.  Nevertheless, as I watch the nation and American society collapsing into chaos, uncontrolled political malfeasance, lawlessness and anti-Constitutional governance (not to mention social/cultural self-immolating madness) – one outrageous example of which is the repeated failure to prosecute and punish political and governing elites who flagrantly commit heinous federal crimes – I look and hope for courageous patriots among elected political officials such as you.

If our laws apply only to those outside of government and the power hierarchy, there is no law save ‘might makes right.’

Who, among Wyoming’s and America’s elected trustees of the people’s power, will have the courage, creativity, energy and discipline to take action – bold, unprecedented action, as necessary – to reform, defend and uphold our legal foundations, fairly and sternly judge the political and governing elite, remove criminals from within the federal government, punish criminals under law, and defend our nation against bona fide internal enemies and insurrectionists?


John Hoak

Big Horn, Wyoming

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