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Journos claim climate change caused polar bear to kill Alaskan mother and baby

Craig Rucker


Polar bear kills Alaskan mother and baby


When Summer Myomick stepped out into a snowstorm with her 1-year-old son Clyde, she had no idea that a savage predator lay just outside.

The AP reports that a polar bear killed the 24-year-old mother and her baby in the town of Wales, Alaska, as she stepped out of a school on her way to a health clinic 150 yards away.  Apparently, the bear’s white coat camouflaged it within the heavy falling snow.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Summer, Clyde, their family and friends. May they rest in peace.

Polar bears’ pretty white coats make them perfect propaganda poster children for the global warming-Left, who count on comfortable city-dwellers to view them through a disneyesque, anthropomorphic lens.

Remember adorable little Knute the Berlin polar bear?  Knute was so cute that it scored a fashion photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Liebovitz for the May 2007 “Green Issue” of Vanity Fair.  In 2009, one woman was so smitten with Knute’s cuteness, that she jumped the fence at the Berlin Zoo to play in the polar bear enclosure. Another bear brutally attacked her.

The tragic attack in Alaska, and the all-too-preventable attack in Berlin, remind us that a polar bear’s striking white coat is not a fashion statement, but a means to a predatory end.  Polar bears may be cute (from a safe distance), but they are nothing like cuddly.  Inhabiting the frozen North places polar bears always on the lookout to kill anything that will yield a sustaining meal of protein and fat, people included.

The AP couldn’t help but use Summer Myomick’s tragic death to push the warming narrative, writing, “as climate change reduces the amount of Arctic ice, forcing the bears to spend more time on land, the number of encounters between people and bears is on the rise, researchers say.”

Conveniently left out of the AP story is the fact that the global polar bear population has soared from as few as 5,000 in the mid-20th century, to as many as 26 to 58 thousand today.   This resulted from successful conservation efforts which greatly limited polar bear hunting.  Polar bears are thriving, despite what the Left would have you believe.

Contrary to the warming-Left’s polar bear narrative, Summer and Clyde’s tragic loss was not caused by the car you drive, your electric appliances, or the rest of your supposedly over-the-top lifestyle.   It was caused by two things.  First nature, as the saying goes, is “red in tooth and claw.”  Living near predators means that occasional tragedy will result.  It’s the same for those who live near alligators, sharks, rattlesnakes, wolves, coyotes or any other wild animal that views humans as food or a threat.  Second, as the AP acknowledges, “the polar bear patrol in Wales became inactive due to a confluence of factors — including the COVID-19 pandemic, the relative lack of bears and the recent death of its leader.”

Polar bear attacks are rare.  It is likely this attack was not preventable, and no human’s fault. With precaution, we can share the planet with polar bears and other predators.  We should not, however, give in to those who ask us to surrender our reason to childish notions that dangerous animals are as cute and harmless as cartoons or plush toys.

Polar bears are neither cuddly friends, nor drowning or starving because you live in freedom and prosperity. It is well past time to end polar bears as propaganda.

For nature and people too.

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