Famine End Game: The systematic dismantling of private farms and ranches

A message from Dan Happel, host of Connecting the Dots w/ Dan Happel Podcast

In a recent Email exchange with my friend CJ Hadley, Publisher and Editor of Range Magazine, I mentioned the plight of the Boer farmers living in South Africa, and how the genocide against them is indicative of a worldwide effort to end private property ownership and non-corporate agriculture. Although international Marxism might seem to be the end goal, the big money that has funded revolution and counter revolution for the past 100+ years has a much larger long-term goal. That goal is a mass human die-off with the surviving 500 million to 1 billion humans living under police state rule in an AI directed, feudalistic/ technocratic system owned and controlled by a mere handful of the uber rich; administered by their useful idiots in government, the military and law enforcement. I know that many will laugh at me as a conspiracy theorist for saying such a thing, but before you write me off as a nutcase, do yourself a favor and connect the easily connected historical dots with a little of your own reading and research. Powerful international bankers have been the funding source of every act of war, communist insurgency, fascist takeover, and most other counterculture revolutions since day one. Anything that produces chaos and hatred between ideological, religious, social, and racial groups, is fair game in the effort to mask the truth and shield the real enemies of civilized society. Without Banksters providing the money there would be no war.
As Marine Corps General Smedley Butler stated in his 1936 book War is a Racket; making money for international bankers has become the #1 object of the endless wars that have defined the past 100+ years. Those of us who just want to be left alone to raise our families and be good neighbors are targets of particular interest because we provide the stable foundation for civil society. For civil society to be collapsed, we must be silenced.
Central to this plan is: self-imposed famine, supply chain disruptions, lab created plagues and the Big Pharma cures for those plagues that are often more lethal than the disease itself. We need to stand back and look at the world from 30,000 feet if we are going to be able to see the forest for the trees. We need to understand the mentality of humanity hating narcissists to comprehend the level of contempt they hold for those of us who just want to be self-responsible stewards of God’s creation and make a modest living in the process. Rural Americans are some of the last significant holdouts against central planners and globalist bankers. We are by our nature independent thinkers and used to making do with the hand we are dealt. Family farms and ranches were the primary source of food for much of America and the world for most of the 20th Century, but that is no longer true. Big money and corporate agriculture have replaced family farms and America’s food security in the process. We no longer know where or how our food is being grown or processed as GATT and WTO Treaties make Country of Origin labels against international law.
Over 200 major food processing facilities have burned or otherwise been destroyed over the past 18 months, most located within the U.S. Federal regulations that were relaxed under the Trump Administration are being reimposed by the Biden Administration, retightening the screws that effect: water rights, livestock production, agricultural fuel costs, commercial fertilizers, pesticides, labor and machinery costs. The economy is in a tailspin thanks to the radical environmental and social justice agenda coming out of the Biden White House. Is this a mistake? As Franklin Roosevelt said “nothing in government happens by accident. If it happens you can bet that it was planned that way”. Shortages of everything are being normalized by this administration and the most advanced civilization in history is being turned into a 3rd world economy right before our eyes. The question becomes “what is the matter with Americans that meekly stand by and watch as the lunatics not only take over, but totally wreck the asylum”. Wake up people and take back our government. Get off your coddled and dependent butts and get involved in saving your children’s future. Become responsible stewards of liberty like those who willingly sacrificed and died to secure our posterity.

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