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The terrible financial and personal costs of wolf predation


Introduction by Editor

This compelling video begins with the necropsy of a cow killed by wolves. Filled with facts about the impact of swelling wolf populations in Mountain West states, this video is both alarming, and an excellent resource for educating those who have been misled to believe that wolves are necessary to achieve ecological balance. ~Ed

This educational video was produced by the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission

by NuVisionProductions

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3 thoughts on “The terrible financial and personal costs of wolf predation

  1. The only good wolf is Dead.

    Send the darn wolf reintroductions to DC or new York central park.

    It amazes me how someone in the USA that does not want say wolves at their house seem just fine sending the pestilence to someone else’s area.

    Heck we can’t even have public school here because of dam wolves in town watching the school recess grounds.

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