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Will Americans choose secession over a rigged and broken system?

By Selwyn Duke for American Thinker

The Fight That Lies Between Status Quo and Secession

By Selwyn Duke

With a stolen election, stolen culture, stolen courts and stolen dreams, many Americans are realizing that rule by the Left, absolutely corrupt even without absolute power, is unthinkable. Talk of secession, something continually entertained in various states throughout history, is again in the air. The problem is that for the most part, we’ve been supinely submissive in the face of burgeoning leftist tyranny. So it would help if there were something between secession and our current slouching toward servitude. And there is.

Too many conservatives are also waxing defeatist, saying “The republic is dead; our freedoms are gone.” And, yes, if we continue operating inside the box and being “conservative” — as in status-quo oriented — we can kiss our (remaining) liberties goodbye. But the left isn’t constrained by any box, except what’s physically and politically possible; it doesn’t abide by rules, laws, social codes or conventions except when convenient. So why should we remain in any box except that which is divinely ordained?  

Embracing Mao’s sentiment that “[p]olitical power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” the left trades in violence, violence done to political opponents and to our culture, history, heroes, Constitution and just liberties. Now having seized power in government’s executive and legislative branches via the violence of electoral theft, the left aims to use that power to become autocratic. As to how we should respond, remember:

Only power negates power.

The left has been able to steal a national election (and some down-ballot seats, no doubt) via massive vote fraud in, largely, a handful of big Democrat-run cities. Yet despite all the electoral theft, President Trump still won half the states, some by wide margins. It is these states where power should be exercised.

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The power I reference is what Thomas Jefferson called the “rightful remedy” for all federal usurpation of states’ domain: nullification. This is the process whereby authorities simply ignore federal dictates, whether handed down by Congress, a bureaucracy or the courts.

There’s nothing unprecedented about nullification. Leftists engage in it continually. For example, their localities often ignore federal drug or immigration laws, and more than a score of states nullified the REAL ID Act of 2005.

Only, leftists don’t call it “nullification” — they just do it. In contrast, conservatives busy themselves conserving the status quo even though it’s leftist-born and generally abide by even unconstitutional federal laws, mandates and court rulings because “this is the way things are done.”

This said, we have seen some pushback, with county sheriffs in recent times refusing to enforce irrational China virus restrictions and some opposition to anti-Second Amendment proposals. But this effort must become widespread and organized — “Nullification!” must become a rallying cry.

To this end, we need a nullification movement. When state officials, from governor to assemblymen and senators, run for office, the first and last question must be: Will you vow to nullify all unjust federal dictates? If they hem and haw at all, they must be immediately disqualified.

In addition, nullification-disposed states should make a compact with one another so that we can enjoy the strength numbers bring.

In reality, nullification (which I’ve been advocating for years) should have been pursued long ago; the federal government has, after all, been trampling states’ powers for at least the better part of a century, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But that being water under the bridge, we now require a ton of cure.

The cure of nullification is the obvious next step for anyone serious about combating the burgeoning leftist tyranny. We’ve no other recourse. “As Jefferson warned, if the federal government is allowed to hold a monopoly on determining the extent of its own powers, we have no right to be surprised when it keeps discovering new ones,” wrote author Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Under this scenario, the federal government “will continue to grow – regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power,” he continued.

That is reality. So is this: Reasoned argumentation only works with those who’ll yield to reason (the left won’t). Constitutional constraints only matter to those who respect laws and national contracts (the left doesn’t). Appealing to courts only bears fruit when judges have a sense of justice and duty and the guts to act rightly even when pariah status results (most don’t). Making this more tragically comical still is that when we seek redress for federal tyranny, we expect relief from the federal government’s own judicial branch! 

This didn’t help us with the 2020 election, which the left got away with stealing. Moreover, it knows it can not only replicate the theft in the future but can expand it; thus have the Democrats introduced a bill taking mail-in voting nationwide. Perhaps they can pass it, too.

Then the states can just pass on it. “Pound sand” would be my response. 

The Democrats can hobble border enforcement so that they can further destabilize our country and import more future voters — and Texas can secure its border itself. Let the left-wing, black-robed lawyers issue their contrary “opinions,” as we know they will. My response would be a paraphrase of the paraphrase of Andrew Jackson: “The judges have made their decision. Now let them enforce it.”

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4 thoughts on “Will Americans choose secession over a rigged and broken system?

  1. With the left so corrupt, decadent and anti-Christian, anti-Tradition, anti-American we have no choice but to secede. it is time. How can you negotiate with a weasel? You can’t. I believe they are deleting patriots out of the service so they can overturn a Trump win in 2024. We as Patriots have a duty to protect our Country from its government. Thomas Paine…..Agreed.

  2. In my opinion, voting is NOT the way to achieve lasting freedom. I would suggest making an end-run around the whole rotten political system through non-compliance, and some form of secession. The latter doesn’t have to follow the 1860 model of secession; given that today’s states are more or less simply administrative divisions of the federal government, it probably wouldn’t work anyway.

    I favor radical decentralization, which may be thought of local or individual secession. There’s a petition to that effect here:

    Please note that the petition is NOT begging or asking politicians to give us freedom. It’s instead an appeal to Americans at large to begin discussing and moving toward decentralization, in one form or another.

    For those interested in following the latest news and discussion of secession and decentralization, you can go here:

    Best wishes to all!

  3. An important essay; penetrating & thought-provoking. Thanks for posting, Marjorie. We must progress quickly from anger & despair at the Left’s dangerous consolidation of power, and begin to take back our nation from the Left. We will get no help from establishment institutions or politicians. We the people must rally.

    We must carefully examine the mechanics & efficacy of a National Nullification Movement. Nullification has a long history & solid precedent. We have few ‘near-term’ options for reigning in a federal government that has grown far too large and boldly defies the limits on federal power set forth in the Constitution. The abuses of power are now accelerating dramatically under the Left’s new unified government. The only other apparent & relatively short-term options include: 1) reorganizing & reforming the Republican Party, or forming an effective Third Party, so that, either way, we have a real voice for America which will aggressively oppose the Left and promote American values & interests; 2) Convene a Convention of Sates to amend the Constitution (see Levin’s THE LIBERTY AMENDMENTS); and 3) armed civil conflict, God forbid. Setting aside armed civil war, which we must avoid & hold only as the last & most-desperate remedy, each of these initiatives is fraught with risk & difficulty, and will require hard work & strong support from many tens of millions of Americans and from the states. We can start by putting staunch Constitutional conservatives & libertarians in office, and removing elitist establishment, status-quo-loving, false-conservative politicians like Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell & Mitt Romney (and so many others) – that alone will be a daunting task. Longer term, we must find a way to take back academia, the media and the monstrous federal bureaucracy – all now saturated & dominated by liberals/leftists – and much more effectively teach & promote the vision of the Founders and America’s many blessings & achievements.

    All politics are local. Start at home.

    John Hoak
    Big Horn, Wyoming

    1. Mr. Hoak, you are correct in that We The People must rally to rectify this situation.

      I disagree that a Convention of the States to Amend the Constitution is necesary. The problem is the Constitution is not enforced. There is no guarantee any Amendment will be enforced.

      The solution to rallying We The People and enforcing the Constitution is in the Constitution itself. Article II §2 Clause 1 reveals that the Militia of the several States is to be a permanent institution of the federal system of the government.

      Article I §8 Clause 16 give the Congress Power to provide for Arming Organizing and Disciplining the Militia leaving the actual training and election fo the officers up to the States which they did with the Militia Act of 1792 and subsequent acts.

      Article I §8 Clause 15 Congress shall have Power to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions. Example the Insurrection Act . When called into actual service of the United States the President is Commander in Chief of the Militia of the several States as well as the Army and Navy. When not called into actual service of the U.S. the state governor is the commander in chief of their respective Militia.

      The Constitution also says No State shall make anyThing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of debts. A well regulated Militia (Armed, Organized & Disciplined) is necessary to the security of a free State. Gold an silver money prevent polititions from spending beyond their means.

      Any State can revitalize her Militia, a thoroughly civilian institution organized under state statue with penalties for not serving, ie., fines or jail time and implement gold and silver as money without the consent of Congress simply because the Constitution mandates both.

      A gold an silver currency can be implemented where the actual metals are deposited in a state depository, and each depositor is issued a debit card to make payments which are deducted from his/her precious metal holdings on deposit with the state.

      The state’s Militia is charged with upholding the laws of the state. The Militia has power over the sheriff and the governor. The Militia can remove rogue politicians from office, oversee elections, perform functions of government currently done by bureaucrats. There is virtually no limit to what can be performed by a Militia composed of the citizens, We The People including enforcing the Constitution.

      My suggestion is the revitalize your Constitutional #2ndAmendment State Militia and implement gold and silver as your state’s money.

      The Dick Act of 1903 unconstitutionally disestablished the Militia of the several States which were replaced by the National Guard,, an adjunct of the Military, troops and ships of war. Shortly there after the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act was passed, then the 17th Amendment (if it was lawfully ratified). None of these event were coincidences.

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