President Trump's 1776 Report

President Trump’s 1776 Report: A foundation for patriotism

UPDATE: Numerous savvy journalists downloaded and saved the 1776 Report before the occupant of the White House had it scrubbed. You can download it here

We apologize for the blurred lettering and images. If we are able to acquire a reproducible copy of President Trump’s “1776 Report,” we will make it available to you. This report is a blueprint for returning patriotism to the heart of American life. It is now up to us as individuals to teach our children, friends and co-workers about the magnificent history, founding and principles which define the America we love. ~Ed

1 thought on “President Trump’s 1776 Report: A foundation for patriotism

  1. You’re a good man, Ed.

    We must press harder than ever to educate ALL Americans about LIBERTY.

    Thank you!


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