John Hoak’s blistering letter to Republican “cowards”

A open letter by John Hoak to the Republican Party in response to a “survey” and pitch for donations, printed with permission

Dear Republican Party:

I completed your survey (below), which largely missed the critical questions of this dangerous time in a nation on or past the brink of irretrievable damage & precipitous decline.  The survey typically also did not allow for my comment, so I’ll attempt it here, though this is likely a “no-reply” e-mail, as is almost always the case with GOP “official ” e-notes to those of us on the front lines of real life.  (One-way communications with your constituency – one of the Republican Party’s many failings …)

My further comment, in sum:

After a lifetime as a registered Republican and faithful conservative voter, I no longer support the Republican Party.  I’m done.  Cross me off your rolls & mailing lists.  The Party has failed me, has abysmally failed all Americans & our nation.  The majority of your leadership/membership comprises cowards, laggards, fools, selfish elites and/or crooks.  The Party has long compromised & colluded with the Left, as liberals sequentially, incrementally stole our freedoms, weakened our Constitutional foundations & protections, ballooned the size, complexity & cost of government, and reached ever-more deeply into Americans’ pockets & lives.  Republican elected officials allowed the Left to co-opt the political agenda and the forms, means & language of debate, win too many vital procedural & regulatory battles, and corrupt & take control of the enormously-powerful, unelected federal bureaucracy.  Stunningly, if predictably, almost all Republican elected representatives at the federal & state level stood quietly & safely on the sidelines as the Left corrupted and stole the 2020 U.S. Presidential election – without any systematic investigation or substantial judicial hearing into obviously-plausible claims & proofs of fraud & illegality (investigations & hearings were, in fact, blocked, in many cases, by Republicans), and after ignoring, for years, the many known fatal flaws in election equipment, systems, procedures & regulations – thus, quietly & irresponsibly (traitorously) Republicans allowed the Left to seize total control of the federal government – likely permanently.  The GOP abandoned and then attacked the one man – President Trump – who consistently, unapologetically & vociferously stood up to leftist work to transform & destroy the republic.  Now, after watching fecklessly as the Left promoted & promulgated massive, nationwide rioting, violence, mayhem & destruction in many cities for many months during 2020, you Republicans hysterically condemn & apologize for one incident of civil disobedience & tragic disruption at the Capitol – which may well have been infiltrated & fanned by leftist activists – and groundlessly blame the President.  GOP House leadership & members supported the most recent vote to impeach, and Senate leadership & most Senators have failed to condemn & oppose this latest, baseless attack on Trump, and have even intimated that the Senate may vote to convict.  I believe & hope it likely that the Republican Party is finished.  It doesn’t make one damned bit of difference, as the Party has not only not advanced the interests of its constituency, it has effectively aided & abetted the Left in their uncompromising, unprincipled quest to seize power by any & all means.  Thanks to Republicans who did not stand up, who did not speak up publically & unequivocally, who did not represent the views & interests of their supporters and the values & needs of the nation, illegitimate leftist governmental power will now be turned viciously against traditional values, conservative people & any/all perceived political opponents.  The remarkable progress achieved on so many fronts under Trump will be reversed, as the Left autocratically pursues destructive, anti-American policies.

Like tens of millions of other Americans, I am a peaceful, honest, law-abiding, hard-working citizen.  I am a business owner, family man & lifelong student of politics & governance, who cherishes American history, accomplishments, opportunity, values & freedoms.  I believe in the power, vision & promise of our Constitution, and believe it must be & remain the preeminent law of this land.  I don’t worship or blindly follow Donald Trump, or any politician.  I supported President Trump because he shares & represented many of my values, and he worked hard for the America I love.  Against daunting odds & malevolent forces, he outlined & progressed an agenda that I voted for & strongly supported, and he executed diligently on his promises.  With only a few exceptions, the GOP did little or nothing to support & advance Trump’s agenda for America.  In fact, along with our Enemies Within on the Left, Republicans often opposed, obstructed & attacked Trump.  I’ve had altogether more than enough of a party that will not fight for me & my country, and does not represent my views & needs at the seat of government.  Count me out.  I’m done with the Grand Old Party and your institutionalized sloth, cowardice, individual self-interest, corruption, dishonesty and compromise with forces that would avowedly destroy our country.  I’ll join with others to vote out Republicans such as Liz Cheney, and to find an effective representative voice & political force to help strengthen & preserve the United States of the Founders.

John Hoak

Big Horn, Wyoming