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The “new normal” is old-school communist

To Live In Fear Is Our New Normal, and It Looks a Lot Like Communist China

by Beth Ann Schoeneberg

Common Sense Conversations Radio

Since the beginning, I’ve been listening to and following the rhetoric of all the dos and don’ts and the don’ts and dos of our China-virus, COVID-19 pandemic. The science seems to change and the instructions chase one another around on a daily basis.

The two phrases that seem to be the pandemic theme of America are “We’re in this together,” and “Our New Normal.”  I’ve grown to detest both these propagandic phrases.  I find the first to be a LIE and the second a diminishment of my Liberty.

Regardless of which network I listen to, the talking heads, who have not yet missed a paycheck, cannot begin to tell me they’ve experienced what most Americans are going through.  Oh, they’ve had the inconvenience self-makeup application, and once in-studio guests now join them via skype or phone of zoom. But they haven’t had to worry about where their next meal is coming from or if they can pay the rent or buy shoes for their children.  One talking head, brags about wearing his mask in the grocery store and carrying on a conversation with the stock-boy… I’m proud of him BUT many Americans are not so worried about wearing the mask as they are about the ability to purchase their food!   

America is (was) a land of opportunity; not one of fear and violence. 

Are you in fear of the virus? Are you fearful of talking with your neighbors? Are you in fear of losing your home and your children going hungry? Are you in fear of losing your business to those “mostly-peaceful” protestors?  Are you in fear of tomorrow?

Fear is the new normal being dished out in heaping helpings by the democrat leaders of this nation.  People who are afraid are easier to control.


Wear a Mask!!

Stay At Home!!

Abortions FREE-4-ALL

Government will tell you when and where and IF you can educate your children; this will be based upon your wealth and significance to the democrat elites.

Wear a Mask!!

Stay at Home!!

NO COPS (Local police are mean.)

NO GUNS (In this new-normal utopia you won’t need to worry about your business; we burned it down along the way.  You won’t need to worry about your safety… WINK WINK!)

In our New Normal Zone, we have a new saying…

No Cops – No Guns… Just Lots of FUN!

Wear a Mask!!

Stay at Home!!

Keep Congress Corrupt; keep believing they’re workin’ for us!

And always, ALWAYS, blame a republican!

No More Bill of Rights or Constitution… EXCEPT the 5th Amendment, it is reserved and only to be used in an emergency situation by a Congressional member CAUGHT!

Wear a Mask!!

Stay at Home!!

No large gatherings unless for “mostly-peaceful” protestors.  Afterall, Pyromaniac and kleptomaniacs need love too.

No Singing in church; that spital is deadly! – On second thought, no church at all…God isn’t gonna save you from COVID; I know this because Governor Cuomo, the Grim Reaper of nursing homes, said so!

Wear a Mask!!

Stay at Home!!

Maybe the only NEW in the Liberal normal… is the “WEAR A MASK… AND STAY AT HOME” RULES!

To wear a mask isn’t necessarily a sign of fear, we do need to protect our elderly and others who are vulnerable to diseases. However, the mass masking of Americans everywhere is beyond commonsense. 

China did more than share a virus.  The new normal the left speak of, is communism.  Most people in China walk around with masks on every day of the year because of the filth in their air, yet Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has no problem with that!  The citizens of China live in fear of their government.  The education of their children, their jobs and occupations are controlled by the government.  There is little to no safety concerns or safeguards in place to protect the people of China.

Christianity is not allowed in China; government is god.

Our New Normal looks a lot like Communist China.

Wear a Mask!!

Stay at Home!!

Until you receive further orders…

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  1. They have “02 bars” in Asia and India where people can go and put on oxygen masks And breathe clean air

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