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Singing cowboy and RANGE fan, Ryan Fritz, salutes our priceless Red Meat Survivors

Songs written and Performed by Ryan Fritz

Musician and performer Ryan Fritz wrote this gem in honor of RANGE magazine’s Red Meat Survivors. 

He says, This particular song was inspired when traveling to Elko a few years ago, I picked up a copy of Range magazine at a Montana truck stop.  I loved the section Confession of a Red Meat Survivor… I cant remember which stories were in that issue but I thought it was great and it reminded me of my own grandparents’ stories. I right away had a song coming and new I wanted to pay homage to those early farm and ranchers as well as get a point across of the benefits of eating beef to our modern day person.”

“Confessions of Red Meat Survivors” has been an important and popular feature of RANGE magazine for many years. Hundreds of figures in living history, ranchers, cattlemen and women, and real-life pioneers who settled and defined the West, inspired Ryan to write this catchy and sentimental tribute. Listen, enjoy and share!

Ryan Fritz is from Longview, Alberta. He’s a real cowboy and has worked on Canada’s largest Ranches, the Gang Ranch and Douglas Lake Ranch in British Columbia. He has also operated his own ranch in Saskatchewan for 17 years.  
Ryan Fritz “Windblown Buckaroo” Facebook page
Ryan has been writing and recording Cowboy Music for 20 years, and has released six albums to date. He’s know for his performances at Cowboy Poetry Gatherings such as those in Elko, NV and Alpine TX, as well as private and public concerts.

Also by Ryan Fritz, “Give the Boy a Rope”

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