South Dakota Rancher educates U.S. Senate about environmental benefits of grazing

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American Beef Is A Climate Change Solution, Rancher Says

South Dakota cattle producer Todd Wilkinson told a U.S. Senate subcommittee that contrary to the claims of some environmental and anti-animal-agriculture activists, “American beef production and consumption is a climate change solution.”

“Climate policies that unfairly target cattle producers fail to recognize the positive role of cattle and beef in a healthy, sustainable food system,” Wilkinson told members of the U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety. “Rather than adopting misguided policies that threaten the viability of farmers and ranchers, we want to shift the conversation.”

The subcommittee held the hearing on the issue of “Reducing Emissions While Driving Economic Growth: Industry-Led Initiatives.” In his testimony, Wilkinson discussed the environmental benefits of grazing, and busted myths about the effect of methane on global climate.

“(Grazing) naturally sequesters carbon, a benefit compounded by ruminant grazing,” Wilkinson explained. “Grazing builds deep root systems in prairie grasses, which improve soil health. Healthy soils retain more water, sequester more carbon, and increase the resiliency of our ranches.”

“Methane emissions from cattle are part of the natural methane cycle,” Wilkinson continued. “Within 10 years, more than 90 percent of that methane combines with oxygen in the atmosphere and converts to CO2. Methane has no long-term impact on climate when emissions and oxidation are in balance. And this balance has been maintained for centuries.”

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3 thoughts on “South Dakota Rancher educates U.S. Senate about environmental benefits of grazing

  1. We in america need to realize its not about the environment, it’s about freedom. The healthiest environments have been shown to be privately owned and operated lands. If we begin to try and show that grazing is good for their plan of carbon sequestration, great, they can argue for a large free roaming buffalo herd, or elk. Pollution may be a problem, carbon, methane, whatever, but the main fact is we need to stand for freedom. Allow agriculture to flourish and let people enjoy the beauty of decision making on their property as long as it does NOT directly harm their neighbor.

  2. Great article, And Todd Wilkinson is absolutely correct on this too.

    Also Grazing animals increase the carbon sequestration of rangelands.

    Grazing lands are either Thee highest form of global carbon sink capacity or very near the top of carbon sink capacity.

    Grant the oceans and forests are huge global carbon sinks too.

    Matter if Fact, grazing forest floors increases the carbon intake and sink action of those lands too.

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