RANGE magazine’s legendary publisher honored by the Nevada Press Association for her lifetime of work

On Saturday, September 21, the Nevada Press Association (NPA) hosted their annual conference in Ely. For her tremendous accomplishments in Nevada print media, including her work with Silver & Blue, the magazine for the University of Nevada, Nevada Magazine, and RANGE magazine, publisher Caroline Joy (C.J.) Hadley, was inducted into their Newspaper Hall of Fame. The induction of C.J. was unusual, for, according to the NPA brochure, she “is the first person to be inducted into the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame without ever having worked at a newspaper.”

C.J. Hadley of RANGE magazine, and Holly Rudy-James, founder of Winnemucca Publishing holding their NPA Hall of Fame Trophies

Two other publisher/editors were also inducted at that time; the late Vail Pittman, former Governor of Nevada (1945-1950) and owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal, and Holly Rudy-James, who founded Winnemucca Publishing.

Seemingly overwhelmed by the honor, C.J. spoke to the attendees about her life in print media, and the many adventures–and misadventures–that have punctuated her storied career. Please watch her touching and very entertaining remarks in the video below.

RANGE magazine’s art director, John Bardwell, and many contributing writers and photographers were also honored with First Place awards at the NPA banquet held on Saturday evening. They are as follows:

Feature Photo–First Place “Brothers” by Cynthia Baldauf

Ad Series–First Place “The Magnificent American West”

General Excellence–First Place “RANGE magazine”

Regular Department–First Place “Empty Quarter”

Multiple Photo Essay–First Place “A Buckaroo Heart” Photos by Mary Williams Hyde, words by Lee Juillerat

Investigative Story–First Place “Wildfires: Countdown to Destruction” by Carolyn Dufurrena, Zachary Gerber, Steven H. Rich, Theodora Johnson, Dan Dagget, Mary Branscomb

Local Column–First Place “Up Front” by C.J. Hadley

Special Project–First Place “The Magnificent American West” by Range Conservation Foundation & RANGE magazine

Graphic Designer–First Place John Bardwell

John Bardwell and J.C. Hadley

Other winners include:

Special Project–Second Place “2019 Real Buckaroo Calendar” by C.J. Hadley

Local Column–Second Place “Hang and Rattle” by Hank Vogler

Feature Photo–Second Place “All Four Feet Off the Ground” by Skye Clark

Feature Photo–Third Place “Big Griz” by Mark Hayward

Portrait–Third Place “Cowboy” by Larry Angier

Profile/Interview–Second Place “A Hundred Years Herding” by Carolyn Dufurrena

Investigative Story–Second Place “Special Report: Give Me a Stone” Carolyn Dufurrena

3 thoughts on “RANGE magazine’s legendary publisher honored by the Nevada Press Association for her lifetime of work

  1. I’ve subscribed to RANGE for years, but I’m a late comer to RangeFire, and very late to post a comment about this article. Though C.J. knows how I feel about her excellent work, it’s appropriate for me to post my public applause for her most worthy recognition & honor.

    CONGRATULATIONS, C.J.! You are a treasure, and RANGE is a masterpiece – one of the best periodicals in America. Your extraordinary skill, care & tireless efforts are so highly valued & appreciated by so many.

    Best wishes!

    John Hoak
    Big Horn, WY

    1. Thank you sir. We’ll make sure she sees your kind remarks. C.J. Hadley is indeed a treasure, and RANGE is her masterpiece.

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