Letter to the Editor: Political Incest, Corruption, and Cover-ups in Small Town Government?

Dear Editor,

This is a follow-up to my previous letter.  I saw that you had published it with protected access, but I haven’t seen any investigative reporting yet.  I haven’t seen MCCP take much of a bite yet either. But to be completely honest, my previous letter was just scratching the surface.  If you really start delving into the political incest in Kanosh Town government, there is no telling what you will find.

We already know that the assistant town fire chief, Austin Corry, is in jail on multiple rape charges, for acts that were committed on town property, while he was working and on duty.  The real question is, just how big are the cover-ups?  We also know that the fire chief, Scott Corry, who is Austin’s dad, was also a high-ranking Millard County sheriff deputy, until he lost both his job and his position as fire chief over the whole affair.  But just how deep does it go? 

Mayor Frank Paxton has already gone on the record saying that he is biased in Corrys’ favor, based on his prior working relationship with Deputy Corry at the Sheriff’s department.   So how much has he covered up, that might have brought all this to light sooner, or even prevented subsequent misconduct?

And if you dig deep enough, is it possible that it will all lead back to Ed Phillips, as the ultimate puppet master?  Ed gave Frank Paxton his job at the Millard County Sheriff’s department, and allegedly may have pulled strings to clear Frank’s alleged violent criminal record to help him qualify to even have the job.   Did Ed give Scott Corry his job too, and elevate him to his rank in the department, as well as his rank as one of the single highest-paid employees in Millard County?  Just how deep do the connections go?  And how deep are the cover-ups?

Back to biases and conflicts of interest.  How deep do they go?  Frank has already admitted some of his biases about Corrys on the record, which seems like quite a rare feat for Frank. Based on my observations, Frank typically pretends that he does not have any biases. Nor is he capable of making mistakes.  It’s only the other guys who have conflicts of interest or make mistakes.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  So if Frank has already admitted that he is biased, and has clear conflicts of interest, why should he have any involvement in any of it?  Isn’t that the essence of corruption? 

Now apparently there are new allegations of illegal closed meetings, and a request for the court to review all of the records and recordings of all Kanosh Town Council’s many recent closed meetings supposedly to talk about pending litigation. Is it true that after just one year in office Frank Paxton has gotten Kanosh Town in more legal trouble than the last four mayors combined?

What would you find if you really delved deep into all of this? 

Just wishful thinking?  I hope not. 


JT Longfellow

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