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Letter: “Working Animal Protection Act” shields enterprises from animal rights radicals


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If passed, the Working Animal Protection Act  would disallow an outright ban on any legal animal enterprise related to working animals. The purpose and goal of the Working Animal Protection Act  is to slow down the animal rights extremists’ agenda and steamroller by preventing an outright ban of legitimate, legal  businesses utilizing working animals for the purpose of ranching, service, education, entertainment, and exhibition and entertainment.

In the past few years, there has been an onslaught of local municipal ordinances banning exotic animal exhibits, elephants, the circus, and carriage businesses in over 55 municipalities across the nation. Click to view the list of enacted bans on exotic animal exhibits, educational animal exhibits, elephant rides, elephant exhibiting, and horse drawn carriages  HERE

These local city council and county council bans have been promoted strictly by animal rights groups with their emotional propaganda issuing the false premise that anyone who raises, breeds, or works with animals – especially working animals – are abusing them.

The fact is, that those involved with working animals, animal exhibiting, circuses, carriage horses, etc., are licensed, inspected, and regulated businesses practicing time-tested animal husbandry to ensure the health and safety of both people and animals, but these practices have been redefined as “inhumane treatment” of animals by the radical animals rights groups with their emotion-based agenda.

These local bans destroy animal ownership, job opportunities, and revenue that animal exhibitors, carriage companies, and others bring to the state. They also deny families access to animal exhibits or opportunities to view or interact with animals just because a certain group “doesn’t like it.

The full letter to the editor here

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1 thought on “Letter: “Working Animal Protection Act” shields enterprises from animal rights radicals

  1. This sad trend is also amplified by liberal University professors, emotionally charged clubs and rallies…urban youth who know little beyond their locale, friends and related social media feel empowered to belong to some group…and they’re very vulnerable at high school and college level. They are targets for radical gorganizations…and fit right in as “educated”, agenda driven followers. I know this well…I am in higher education and because I do take issue with these self centered radicals, I can tell you, they are intense, narrow in focus, and impossible to engage in thoughtful dialogue. Their ranks are increasing.

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